Ticket when it is raining

Damn traffic light… green yellow red… a quick light game… the decision time is sometime pretty short… Mostly when it is raining… Be careful… the rules tell you to be prudent… When you see a green light for a moment… you should release the speeding pedal and anticipate the change… but not necessarily slow down… all depending on your speed…

Fred’s story… and of his ticket when it is raining…



Me, it happened when I arrived in Quebec City on Saint-Sacrament Street. I was driving at 55km/h in the left lane, at more or less 2 meters from the stopping line of a traffic light that just turned yellow and it was raining and even if it wasn’t raining, I would have been obliged to put on the brakes an exaggerated way, but under the rain, it is obvious that I would have exceeded the stopping line.

All the way trough the yellow light was on, and then I saw it turn red when my front tires exceeded the stopping line on the other side of the intersection. The police car was on the left and followed me then pulled me over saying to me “Outch that was close!” Then they (2 officers in the car) gave me a 150$ ticket and 3 demerit points, that I want to contest… what do you think ??

My answer :Like I said in the introduction… the rain can change the decision… a other factor in the equation of the decision…

But in the story told by Fred, I believe that he has very good chances to convince the judge of his good intentions… Don’t forget to mention your speed and the context of your trip (where you were going and the fact that you were not in a hurry). Furthermore, ask for the communication of the proof… in order to avoid surprise in court !


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