Ticket for yellow light

Oh my oh my ! You can drive on a red light… everybody knows that… but what about yellow lights ? Ange question who got a ticket for a yellow light…


For the first time of my life, I got a ticket. And at my big surprise, the officer told me that it was because I drove on a yellow light. I decided to plead my case in court. I haven’t any other choice then to accelerate since I would have found myself in the middle of the street. Furthermore, I have a 120$ bill to pay for this. I want to know where to go find the information to know my rights before getting to court. And what must I say to the judge in order to be recognised not guilty ?

Thank you

April 9th

My opinion :It is a misunderstanding of the population to think that you can drive on a yellow light… You can engage your vehicle only when the light turns yellow and when the road is completely clear. Indeed, a driver can’t never drive in the middle of  an intersection if this one is not free and if he is not convinced that he can pass before the end of the green light…

So your defence, the way it is expressed, must be refined… the way it is expressed here, you will lose for sure!

Good luck !


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