Ticket for a yellow light

Green light, yellow light and red light !
Grrrrr Valérie got a ticket for a yellow light… The was nice and didn’t gave her a ticket for red light… she can “spare” some points… but even then, it cost her a lot of money… Right Valérie ?!

Hello, not guilty, here is my story.

I was getting out of the supermarket parking lot, it was during the winter and I drive a little manual car. I looked at the green light, but my shifter doesn’t pass in the second gear. When it’s cold, it is like it was frozen. When I look back again at the light, it is yellow, but my car was already engaged. My speed is not fast enough in order to get on the other side of the intersection before the light turned red (Boulevard with 3 lanes on one side and 2 on the other).

I was engaged when I saw the yellow light. If I put the breaks, I slide since the road is covered with ice, if I stop I am in the middle of the 3 lanes… I speed up thinking this is the safe thing to do, but I am in first gear so it is not very fast. I should have been in third gear. It is right in the cold winter of January.

The police was on the other side of the boulevard, she was simply driving by and I don’t think she was in the first row. I asked for the communication of the evidence. Of course, I didn’t get it in time in the 30 days, so I will contest and wait for it.

The police didn’t want to listen to me at first, even if I was calm and not shouting. I was really discouraged by my shifter’s problems; this wasn’t the first time it occurred. Finally she listens to me. When she gave me the ticket, it was “passed on a yellow light, no demerit point”, instead of “red light, with demerit points”. I was alone in the car, so did the officer.

Is it worth it ?
****Hi Valérie…

well… with more details like this, it is easier to judge… like you know, I am not a lawyer… Yes you seem to have a good chance by contesting… but I believe that you should talk about the long-term shifter problem… since then it becomes a form of negligence…

However, your car could do this without any warning… You can also be 100% honest saying that your car does this occasionally… when it is very cold and that you didn’t put away enough money yet to go to the garage…

The important thing is, when you engaged you car, the light was green… you don’t need to tell the judge that the officer wanted to give you a red light ticket and that instead he gave you a yellow light ticket…

In my case, I got a red light ticket… and I won saying that the light was green when I engaged my vehicle and yellow when I got out of the crossroad. You really need to see the officer report in order to have a solid speech in front of the judge… you MUSTN’T LIE, but the story you are telling is TRUE, but you are free to say what parts you want.

Then, you also need to say the truth about the procurator questions or when the judge ask you questions… but he doesn’t ask a lot of questions… ;-)

Come back and tell us the following up events!

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