Towed Snow Removal

Hey !

Im writing you today because my car has been towed on tuesday jannuary 22 2013 around 11 pm !
That day on my  way back home I noticed that I could not park because there were temporary signs (orange) which indicated no parking between 18h and 7h, so I went around the block to find a parking spot and I start driving up Durocher street which is parallel to Querbes Av. and I finally found a place up the street at the corner with Saint Roch.
From that corner of the street there was a respectively terminal of water for firefighters,  a sign indicating not to park on Tuesdays between 14h and 15h, a few meters (enough to park) and a private entrance, so I parked my car and I check out the following sign to make sure that  I would not need a sticker to park therere and at NO time I saw an orange no-parking sign . Besides I saw other cars around, waking up in the morning my car was no longer there, and after having thought I had been robbed, I called the towing service who told me my car was on the boulevard de l’Acadie of course with a ticket of  117$.
Is it Real chance to win if i decide to contest the ticket ?
Thank you !

It's always better to be represented to avoid the worst.
Contact, they can help you out for a low fee.
1 877 797-5410

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  1. amadou Says:

    Tank you.

  2. sebastien m Says:

    if they were really no sigh probably

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