Ticket for stopping his vehicle

This case, told by a Montreal resident that I won’t name, is emotionally charged… let’s say that… this Poker player… let’s hope have more chance with his cards after getting this ticket for stopping his vehicle…

Hello, I would like to share my story with the other readers of this blog. Before talking about my case, I would like to say that I’m living in a disadvantage area in Montreal, filled with ethnical minorities and we often get tickets that most people don’t pay and I never heard about the possibility of contesting. I would like to know how to do so that the police officer leaves us alone with all there stories like, putting a feet in the street at a crossroad when the light is red and that we are waiting for it to change green.My ticket story :
Description of the infraction : Stopping my vehicle beside a parked vehicle. We were getting out of a restaurant at 9:45 pm; we gave a ride home to 2 of our friends, we were 3 in the car at this moment. We were looking for something to do so we decided to play poker at one of our friend’s place. We were about to leave to get poker chips at one of our place, but in front of our place was parked a limousine with here flasher on, she was taking most of the place. As a good citizen, I go and stop my vehicle farther put my flasher on so that my friend can get out and get his poker chips and leave quickly, all this take between 5 to 15 minutes. As soon as my friend gets in is apartment, a police car pass by.

Conversation :
Police: This car belongs to?
Me: me…
Police : Your registration (his partner parked his car behind us and put his flashing lights on). The police officer gets in his car… 5 minutes later… gives me the ticket and leave… He goes and talks to the limo driver, but he didn’t get a ticket. It is the first time that I will contest a ticket, the process scares me as the possible consequences, since the there is already a lot of tension with the police officers. Do you have any advice ?

My opinion : Don’t worry about the process… it is pretty simple as you will be able to see further in my story on the website. The contesting usually doesn’t involve the officers so it will not affect your relation with them in the neighbourhood. Unless of course if you ask them to be at the hearing… I am not sure to understand your infraction… you were double parked ? If this is the case, were you still in the car ? Was there a lot of traffic ? Were you blocking the way? Was there enough space for the car to be able to drive in both ways without being dangerous ? Did you stay in this place for a short amount of time ? Was the motor still on ?

But I believe that a judge could allow you your case in your situation… was is for sure, is that you need to avoid talking about all the emotive aspects in your neighbourhood… focus on your infraction… don’t hesitate to consult a lawyer… with the McGill university there are free consultations…

What is for sure is that you need to talk about the fact that the limo driver didn’t get a ticket, but don’t focus to much, just mention it… focus on your own case, without being to emotive.

Keep us aware of your process…

Thank you.

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