Ticket for driving on a private road

Nestor story that got a ticket for driving on a private road.



I was driving on the Concorde West Street in Laval at 8:10 near the Concorde metro station and right before the Ampere Street, their was an officer filling a ticket to an other driver.

I was going on the middle lane and I needed to drop my wife near the metro station, but I knew that I couldn’t stop my car on the right lane since it is for bus and taxis only (from 6:30 to 9:30). So I decided to get in a building parking the nearest from the station, but in order to get in that parking lot, I need to get by the right lane.

The officer saw me and moved her car in order to get in the parking lot. She asked me if I was living it the building. I tell her that I don’t, so she asks me why I got in the parking lot. I told her that my wife needs to take the metro and since I can’t stop on the right lane since it’s a private lane, I got in the parking lot to drop her off.

She told me that I couldn’t be here since it is a private parking and that I drove on a private lane for bus and taxis.

I told her that I drove only one or two seconds in order to turn right.

She filled me out a ticket for driving on a private lane and told me that I had 30 days to pay.

It is my first ticket (150$ and I don’t know how many demerit points it will cost me).

I would like to know if I can contest the ticket and if I can win or how much it will cost me if I lose ?

Thank you for your opinion.


My opinion :I am not sure about the subject of your ticket… is it for driving on the lane reserved for bus and taxis or because you got into a private parking ?

In the second case, however it is pretty sad… indeed you can’t use with impunity others plot of land to serve your own purpose… except for an emergency, with wasn’t your case. In your case, a commercial parking seems appropriated… but it would have been the case only if a landing stage was fitted out.

In the first case, if your ticket is about the private lane, I believe that it is blown. You needed to “cross it” in order to turn… but I said “cross it” and not drive on it… ;-)

For the next times, you will need to find a safe place to drop your wife…

Keep us in touch and good luck.


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