Ticket but I changed my address at the SAAQ

A recurrent question… a lot of people gets caught…

Unfortunately… we ask me: I got a ticket but I changed my address at the SAAQ…

His story :

Three years ago I moved and made the necessary address changes.

When I did the renewal of my driver’s licence, I got the notice at my new address.

On October 2008, I got a ticket because the registrations of my car were expire.

I never got the notice from the SAAQ for the registrations.

The agent that gave me the ticket advises me to contest, which I do.

Do I have chance of winning when I will be heard in court ?

Thank you

May 25th
My opinion :I always answer the same thing… it depend of the judge… but it is your responsibility to make sure that your car is in order, that there is gas in the tank, that the 4 tires are pumped up, that your registrations are paid for and your licence too…

The notice is a service…


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