SAAQ Late Registration Payment


I was late in paying my registration for our two cars this year by about 1 1/2 month. Three days after paying them both off at a bank, my wife was stopped without proof as I forgot to leave the payment stub in her car. While she explained the situation and offered to have me fax the proof immediately to the police, he still issued her a ticket. We call the court and explained the situation and was told that with proof it should be cleared but when I went down to the courthouse, I was told that it is up to the court and proof of payment may not be adequate. The fact that it’s not a clear cut issue is disturbing. So I was was asked to submit proof which I did. But while I was there, I was told after the clerk checked in the system that 3 weeks earlier (before I paid at the bank), the police had spotted my car on the road,noted that the registration wasn’t paid but did not intercept. I was told that they may be sending me a ticket even though they did not intercept. Two months later, I got the ticket which strangely came via a large FedEx cardboard envelope. The questions are: a) can they issue a ticket after the registration was paid even though the bank have yet to process b) can they legally issue a ticket for a traffic violation without intercepting or presenting proof?


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  1. Charles Says:

    Tank you.

  2. sebastien m Says:

    yes to all of the above

    making payment to the bank is making payment to the bank, your right to travel is not paid until the amount is transferred to the saaq

    but it’s accepted often by judge as of proof of good fait

    for some ticket they can issue without stopping…mainly the ticket that goes to the owner and not specifically the driver exemple plate VS speed ticket

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