Radar in an access road

Police officers that park under viaduct can create a bad surprise for drivers that are getting on the high-way… Indeed, a speed camera in an access road, it takes us by surprise !


Hello, here is what occurred to me last year. I was on an access road near highway 30 in Laprairie when the vehicle in front of me suddenly put the breaks and to protect me, I quickly drove left and got on the highway. I drove on the double lines on the access road by doing that gesture and fractions of seconds later, I understood why the vehicle in front of me suddenly put the breaks, a police car from the SQ was patrolling on the lay-by. Of course, the police officer got in his car and came to arrest me. Unfortunately, the officer didn’t let me any time to explain, so I took my ticket and contest it.

I have two reasons of thinking that I am not guilty of the infraction. First, I did it in order to avoid a collision with the car in front of me and the other one that was following me. Furthermore, I believe that the officer was the cause of the infraction by positioning at the end of the access road to do the radar surveillance. By positioning in that way, people tend to break or slow down when they are accelerating on an access road to the highway.

Here it is, if you can give me your opinion (before tomorrow, Thursday the 19th…) on my chances of winning my cause it would be very much appreciated… My hearing is Friday morning.

Thank you



My answer :Sorry Charles… but on a one day notice, it is impossible for me to answer that quickly… I got a job too… and many many stories that people send me every week…

Here is my opinion anyway… just in case your cause is delayed…

Indeed… I do believe that you can contest with the security factor… you only wanted to avoid a collision… However, you need to explain that you had check that no car was coming on your left side of your car…

Furthermore, don’t blame the location of the officer doing his surveillance in court… it doesn’t concerns your case… ;-)

Tell us about your verdict !


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  1. sebastien M Says:

    i know it’s late but maybe for other

    the article 326 only apply to intertrac line
    not to side line

    and the corner is the intersect of 2 side line so it can be crossed

    there is nothing in the csr that state that after x lenth a side line become a intertrac line.. so you can play on it

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