Parking ticket sent to US address months later


I’m in Montreal on a working permit and have my motorcycle with me.  Haven’t driven it this summer, so it’s been parked on the street near my apartment.
A week or so ago my parents received 10+ parking tickets in their mail for my bike dating months back.  Two were valid (parked elsewhere in the city) — they were accidentally thrown out by my room mate when he moved out, so I paid those immediately.  But for the rest, this is the first I knew of them; I check the bike nearly every day and haven’t seen a single ticket either on the bike on on the ground.  Nada.
The other evening, a police officer showed up at my door informing me fairly aggressively of the tickets.
I’d like to resolve this in a sane way.  If I had seen even just a single one of those tickets on my bike, I would have moved it immediately.  Being right next to St. Laurent, I imagine late-night bar refugees think it’s funny to rip tickets off.  10 times.  But to have months of tickets built up like this before I’m contacted in any way just doesn’t seem reasonable.
Anything to be done?  I have until Oct 1st to pay them — so I wasn’t given much time from notice to due-date.


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2 Responses to “Parking ticket sent to US address months later”

  1. Derek Says:

    Tank you.

  2. sebastien m Says:

    hum legally your kinda fucked
    were you or were you not parked in a illegal spot ??

    you can try to make a deal with the crown…liek pay the first ans forget the rest but it’s he’s decision

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