NJ resident and received a traffic ticket in Montreal

Hi there,

I was on my way from Montreal to New Jersey on July 3, when I was pulled over for crossing a solid line. I was supposed to take an exit on the right and my GPS messed up, ended up recalculating and at the last moment asked me to take the exit. I followed the traffic moving straight and crossed over the solid line to take the exit. There was a cop on his motorbike (who had already pulled one over) and asked me to pull over. He handed me a ticket for 277$/3 points and asked me to pay the ticket within 30 days.

I was wondering what options do I have to fight the ticket. What would happen if I not pay the ticket? (I am sure that a warrant will be issued on my name and I wont be able to drive in Canada). Is it advisable for me to plead non guilty and write an explanation as to what happened. I would hate to drive to Montreal again and stand in court.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to “NJ resident and received a traffic ticket in Montreal”

  1. Vinod Says:

    Tank you.

  2. sebastien m Says:

    that for sure that following your GPS in not a valid excuse for not following the law

    i don’t know if NJ and quebec have some deal for ticket…to get your NJ permit suspended if you don’t pay…or same action as if you have an NJ ticket

    if not they don’t issue warrant anymore in quebec for ticket

    but if you get caught later the ticket will be much higner and your car could be towed for 30 days (according to current laws, but what will that be next time you come over)

  3. sebastien m Says:

    next time follow the road….and use your GPS as a guide…not as a prime directive

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