Getting ticket by mail

I would like to tell you the story of Police mailing in a ticket.

In November 2011, I received a ticket by registered mail. I had no idea what this was for since I didn`t get any tickets in 2011. The so-called infraction was for stopping in a no stopping zone in September, two months earlier.

The funny thing was that it was sent to me because the car is registered to me but I never drive it. My wife is the sole driver of that car. She said to me that she was never stopped and told that she had committed an infraction so therefore she can`t remember the actual day this took place on. This is in front of my daughter`s high school and I noticed after this event that this is what they were doing. It appears that the police were taking license plate numbers and just writing up the tickets after and mailing them. That is why it was sent to me. Is this right?

I did go to court to two weeks ago to contest the ticket but the judge said everything was perfectly legal because they can just mail you a ticket even if I wasn`t the driver. His comment was that if police officer is busy with something else, he doesn`t need to stop you. He also said that even though the driver was never intercepted on the spot and we cannot remember whether my wife did or did not commit the infraction, the possibility is there that she did and therefore the ticket is perfectly legal.

With this being said, what is stopping police from driving around in their cars and just writing down license plates and fabricating so called offenses so they can hit their monthly quotas.

The original ticket was for $42 but now it`s $131. Should I appeal this guilty verdict?

Merci / Thank you,

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2 Responses to “Getting ticket by mail”

  1. Serge Says:

    Tank you.

  2. sebastien m Says:


    what can stop them from fabricate proof even if you there …nothing

    when they see an infraction they have one year to send a ticket…

    they do that freaky thing with parking ticket because they don’t have to identify the driver…

    the only way to fight it…is that the police man prefered to stay there and give ticket ….that is repression instead of preventing the action ….prevention

    police are not allowed to represse but that won;t really help your case

    should be a official complaint in deonto

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