Ticket for pulling a trailer without lights

Dede was on a little country road with his truck and trailer. A police officer pulled him over and gave him a ticket for pulling a trailer without lights!

Hello, I got a ticket because I pulled a trailer, but the lights were not related to the vehicle pulling it.

I have a “Jimmy” truck and I pull a small 4×6 trailer, on a country road by day, we were two and the police officer was alone.

Fine 200$+fees64$+ticket10$ = 274$

Could I just forgot it?
*****Unfortunately, no one should ignore the law… omission is an omission… I am not sure that it would be defendable in front of a judge… since it’s all about safety on the road… defectiveness is something else… especially if it was the first time you were using it that year…and that you were going to fix it… maybe you didn’t tell the police officer cause he didn’t want to hear you out? And he still gave you the ticket?

You are not risking much by pleading not guilty and ask for the communication of the evidence…

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