Ticket for not stopping

We don’t often agree with the officer for the ticket he gives us… Here is a typical story from Michael who got a ticket for not stopping…
According to the officer… ;-)

His story :


I just got a ticket for not doing a safe stop to my big surprise.

I was following a car that stopped at the intersection (a T) with an obligatorily stop. I was behind this car and, according to the officer; I started to drive at the same time then the other car.

The stop line was far, at about 15 feet of the corner and I am certain that the car in front of me was far ahead from the line, so when I did my stop, I was on the line, where I did my stop before driving forward.

Is this contestable ?

May 7th
My opinion :The position of the other car shouldn’t have any effect on your obligation of doing a proper stop… the infraction that is blamed on you must occurred to be an infraction…

Tell us what is the code of the infraction on your ticket…

I seam an easy defence to say the judge that the car in front of you was farther from the line and stopped in the middle of the street when you respected the stop line…

Take pictures of the location… and ask for the communication of the proof.

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