Ticket for not stopping the vehicle in front of a stop sign

The “American” stop is often made in Quebec… But sometimes our stops are well made… Like in Claire case…


I got a ticket on September 30 for not stopping the vehicle in front of a stop sign.

I am certain that I did my stop. I looked on my right (no car) on my left a car is coming towards his stop and he has a defective light, I then notice that it was a police car. I turn in the Metro’s parking lot and I was surprise to see the police car behind me thinking why.

The officer tells me that I slipped my stop. I told him at that moment that he got a defective front light. His colleague goes and checks it out.

Do I have some chances of winning if I contest this 154$ and 3 demerit points ticket ?

I haven’t got a ticket since 1981.


My opinion :
The fact that you noticed all those details proves that you did indeed make your stop… The important fact is for you to have made your stop… a complete stop. This is all you will tell the judge… “I am sure I made my stop”.
That is the key.

But, still start by asking for the communication of the proof…

Keep us updated.


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  1. Jeff Sobhani Says:

    Rec’d ticket 13 Dec. Don’t know if I have until Monday as 13 Dec is Sat, and will call, but rec’d ticket for failing to come to complete stop. In US, one may contest the ticket, and if the policeman doesn’t show up, tossed out. But don’t know if it works this way in Quebec or Canada . . .

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