Ticket for not making an appropriated stop


My son got a ticket for not making an appropriated stop at the corner of Yulle & Hymus. He then continue his route by turning  left into the shopping plaza , he realized that he was followed by a cop but thought nothing of it since the local station is also in the strip mall. The policemen  finally stopped him for the STOP infraction he had noticed on the main road.
After being handed the ticket, my son realized that the ticket was issue to  his middle name & last name .The police officer   did not put  his full name as it appear on his drivers licences.
In your opinion, is this ground enough to contest the ticket on that technicality, it seems that the office was not very observant!

thank you for you opinion,

a concern mother

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  1. Manon Says:

    Tank you.

  2. sebastien M Says:

    nah these days it take more than that to dismiss a ticket

    anyway the name was probably on is permit if the police man new it

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