Ticket for not making a proper stop

Spring time is a perfect time for this kind of infraction… In this case, it is not the actual infraction that is contest, but the information registered on the ticket… Stefi asked herself if the ticket for not making a proper stop can be contest since the color of the car that is registered and the address are not the good ones… the details :

I got a ticket last week at La Prairie, on Montreal south shore. I am accused of not making a proper stop. The police officer was “very” kind and I was very polite. When he gave me the ticket, he precisely said that I could always contest it! Once I was home, I read the ticket and I saw two errors. The address on the ticket and the color of the car was wrong. I am convinced that the police officer made those errors on purpose. What can I do to contest the ticket? Do I need to send a proof of my address? Must I send a photo of my car to prove the color? Or do I only need to make an “x” in the not guilty case and wait for the following events? It is still 154$ and 3 demerit points…

Can you help me?

My opinion :Many people, even lawyers told me that it was totally useless to defend yourself on the document where you plead not guilty. You need to wait to be in front of the judge. Since then, you can ask for the communication of the evidence in order to put the finishing touches to your defence. In general, it is easier to contest an infraction to the code than an error on the color of your car… Besides… what are does two colors ? White and black or black and navy blue? And same question for the address… is it a big error or an insignificant one? Even if the color of the car was wrong… if the plate number, etc are rights… the judge or the procurator will probably ask you “ Did you do your stop ? ” What are you going to answer ?

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