Ticket for not making a “full stop”


Here’s my story…I left work and at the stop just outside the parking lot, I was stopped by a cop for not making a “full stop”. When he pulled me over I was shocked, I knew I had done my stop…as I always have at that intersection for the last 10 years.

First thing he says is that I didn’t stop at the stop sign…then he changes the story to I “slowed down but didn’t stop completely”. He asked me where I was coming from, I answered work and named my company…He proceeds to tell me that he is doing traffic control, following complaints from neighbors about employees at my particular place of work driving erratically and dangerously…

I have 2 witnesses who were driving behind me, who swear they saw me stop completely…they also were shocked to see the cop come flying off the sidestreet, siren and lights screaming after me…both though he was going on a call (he completely burned his stop to turn on the road to come after me at high speed – even though I was only rolling along at 30km in a park zone)….

Even worse, is that the ticket says the infraction took place at 4:33pm…which is not even possible since I only left my desk at 4:30pm and it took longer than 3 minutes to get from my desk, to the car, have a conversation with two different people and get to the stop sign…

Should I just pay up…it’s a he said/she said right?…what do you think…it’s 156$ and 3 demerit points…a big price for something I know I didn’t do!

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Tank you.

  2. sebastien m Says:

    is the stop IN the parking lot or on the street ??

    since you have 2 external witness confirming that could help you defense
    and that the fact that the policie man decided to change his story

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