Ticket at a stop sign

Getting a ticket at a stop sign is usual… but always frustrating…
Here is the story of Jamie…


I just got a ticket for not immobilizing my vehicle at a stop sign. The cop had a laser gun and was hiding behind a hedge catching people and said I went through the stop sign at 20 km/hr. I don’t think I could have been going that fast, I tested it out afterwards and I don’t believe in a manual car that I could have only slowed down to 20…The cop did not show me proof of the speed I was going. I have never gotten a traffic ticket and never had an accident in the ten years I’ve had my license. I have however had some parking tickets. Is it worth contesting this in court or is it unbeatable because of the laser gun?




What I think…

Maybe you didn’t go so fast… But the ticket is not about your speed but on the fact that you didn’t do your stop… So you could not only argue about that in front of the judge.

Only you know if you did it or not. I think you must ask for the Disclosure of evidence to see all the details that the cop wrote in…

After that, you will more know how to build your argumentation.

But you only have to argue on the fact that you did the stop…

Others facts… did you have another car beside or back to you?

Let us know the development…

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