Stop sign not visible

Andre’s question is about a ticket for a stop… but in his case, the stop sign was not visible…


S.O.S… Help me please.stop sign not visible

First of all good morning or good evening !

Thank you for this marvellous site of yours; it gave me the courage to contest my ticket.

However, I have a question to ask you.

Here is my situation…
I was on my working hours in my vehicle; I was following my work colleague that was driving the company’s truck for who I work in front of me. There was a stop sign but I pass by without stopping just like the two vehicles that were in front of me.

For the simple reason that the flashing light was on the right of the road hidden by a van and his 53feet trailer… it was impossible to see that there was a stop since the flashing light was hidden.

Is my case one that can be won because of the fact that the flashing sign was not visible and that the boulevard center divider strip stop was nonexistent ?

Thank you to take the time to help me and all the other people that are falsely accused.


My opinion :Indeed, if the stop sign and/or the flashing sign was not visible, you could know that it was one there…

However, it is not that simple… isn’t it safer to slow down near an intersection? Intersections are dangerous… what would have happened if a car was coming in the other direction ?

Were you following your colleague truck from to close ?

Etc. etc. etc.

I strongly recommend you to get the communication of the proof… top right menu… and you should get back on the location to see where is the sign… and take a few pictures to support your theory…

Good luck !

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