Speeding ticket and clean record

I recently received a speeding ticket on the T-CAN service road in St. Laurent (75km/h in a 50km/h). I have a relatively clean record, with one ticket several years ago in Toronto. In that particular case, I was able to visit the prosecutor before pleading and negotiate a plea-bargain to reduce the charge (from 23km/h over the limit to 15km/h over the limit). This not only reduced the fine amount but also cleared the demerit points from my driving record.

Is such an option available in Montreal, prior to appearing before the court? Or, am I better off paying the fine and moving on? Note that I don’t have much of a case to get the charge completely withdrawn.


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  1. Chris Says:

    Tank you.

  2. sebastien m Says:

    yes this system exist, you can even do it before the court date
    but sometime they are hard to reach

    but always remember is a bargain and they are not legally bind to accept anything…

    why would they deal if they are sure to win in there mind ??

    but if you don’t ask you have 100% chance of refusal lol

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