Excessive speeding and radar

Can we contest a ticket for excessive speeding without a radar ?
Question from Pierjan…

Here it is, I just got a ticket for speeding and I want to know if I can contest with the following facts. I ask the officer to see the proof of my speeding, and he didn’t gave me anything, he only gave me the ticket saying that I have 30 days to pay and I asked him two times.

Furthermore, on the ticket, he made a mistake on my first and second name even if it is well written on my driver’s licence. Last thing, the officer must write his name in clear letters, but it is impossible to read his name.

Can I contest this ticket since he made all those mistakes and he didn’t show me what I was asking for ?

Thank you

My answer :A police officer doesn’t need to have any proof of the infraction. His word, since he is a man of law, is more then enough. Therefore, his signed report is a proof of the infraction… About the errors on the ticket, indeed, it could help you to get out of this… But I strongly advise you to get in touch with a lawyer…


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  1. sebastien M Says:

    the police officer can’t show you radar if he did is jobs right
    since 1984 i think he have to wait that you get out of the beam to confirm that it was you…and in doing so he loose the value

    on new radar that is not really an issue..but he an no obligation to show you anything..it’s like asking to show you you didn,t do you stop correctly

    for the name i don’t think is worted…as long the permit number is good

    for the officer name…he must right is name that’s it…some poeple don;t have a very good hand writing ..but it’s not agains’t the law …yet lol

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