Scooter ticket

Spring brings back those little two wheel vehicle… and I mentioned the scooters!

Sometimes a bit noisy (for others), does little wonders are very practical for youngsters, since they are affordable and not very costly to maintain… that’s why they are that popular.

However, kids are not sheltered from the police that watch tomorrow’s drivers… I imagine that getting a ticket for noisy scooter or not is pretty frustrating. But when you deserve it (stop, red light, etc.) you need to take it in… imagine in the following situation, how would you react…

Here is Mme Harvey’s story:

Good evening,
My son got a 128$ ticket for having a passenger on his scooter since he is only 15 years old.
I am going to tell you why I want to contest this ticket
Last May we offered our son a scooter.
My son wants to go and for a ride with his friend. But he is not sure about the law.So I call right away at the police station and talk with an agent.
I tell him:
- Sir, my son is 15 years old; can he drive his scooter with a passenger?
- That’s funny, I just got the same question before your call, did you call earlier?
- No it’s the first time!
- Well, he can drive with a passenger if his scooter has a feat rest for the passenger.
- So you are telling me that my 15 years old son can drive with someone if his scooter has a feat rest for the passenger.
- Yes madam!
- Ok, thank you.

So there, I got this answer and tell my son that it is ok. But the fact is that he got a 128$ ticket last Friday and the officers told him that the law got effective last December.

I verified and it’s true.

Thank you for your suggestion on what to do.
Have a nice evening
Mme Harvey, Lac-St-Jean in Quebec

My opinion:
Nice situation!
Like you must know and as I always say on this blog, no one should ignore the law… However, there is always the judgement that must be accounted for… In your case, I sincerely believe that you did act in a good sense and even proactively.

I believe that a judge could be favourable in this situation. You certainly should be present and testify by telling your story as simply as you just did. You will demonstrate that you are a well managed, prudent and respectful family…Etc.

Judges love familial family!

Good luck and keep us up-dated…

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