Parking ticket for scooter

Friends go out together in Vieux Quebec… they have fun and stay put, they don’t do any trouble… at the same time other does ???

They came back to their scooter and what happens ???

A parking ticket for scooter !!! Grrrrrr… what to do ?

His story :

Last Sunday, me and two other friends decided to go and take a ride in Vieux-Quebec on our scooter. Downtown, parking places are pretty rare. After looking for a few moments we find one that is good. On our left, there were two road signs one over the other. The top one had an arrow showing a handicapped space on the left and the one on the bottom indicated 10 minutes parking Monday to Friday 8am-4pm. Since we were Sunday we parked right from the sign thinking we wouldn’t have any problems. When we returned, my buddy and me found a 144$ parking ticket (parked in an handicapped space). We didn’t understand right ahead we check out and it is true ! The front wheel of my scooter was a few centimetres (20 tops) on the left side of the sign. The officer really looked for tickets possibilities to fill his quota !

Can I contest since the biggest part of my vehicle was on the right side of the sign ?

Pictures on demand.

Thank you in advance. I am 17 years old and I don’t really have the money to pay this ticket !

May 24th
My opinion :With your story, I believe a judge could give you your case… but this is never certain… ask for the communication of the proof to see what the officer wrote in his report…

If you can take pictures it could help you too…

If your friends can go testify, it would be helpful…

Good luck and keep us updated !


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