Ticket for amber light crossing

Dear all,

Herewith I would like to join your blog. My story is below and I intent to contest the ticket. Any opinion or advice would be really helpful, if you could please post it on your blog.

What happened was that I was driving with 50 km/h in a 50 km/h zone on Sherbrooke East (Montreal) and I passed a yellow light. The police gave me a ticket which I will contest preparing to base my defence on C.C 24-2, Art. 360 of the Highway Safety Code of Quebec, where it says that “Unless otherwise directed by a sign or signal, when facing an amber light, the driver of a road vehicle or any person riding a bicycle must stop his vehicle before the pedestrian crosswalk or stop-line or, if none, before the near side of the roadway he is about to cross, unless he has entered it or is so close to it that he could not stop in safety; he may proceed only when a signal shows he may do so.” I believed I would not have been able to stop safely because of the speed and because it changed when I was very close to the stop line.Moreover, I requested the police report and there it says that I passed the stop line in the moment the light changed from yellow to red. Also, it says that the police car was positioned on the intersection that I passed and that is in a 90 degree angle with the street I was driving on, precisely about 6 m from it and therefore not facing the light like I was. So, I am thinking: was the police officer really able to watch the light and the passing cars all in once in order to be able to see when I exactly passed ?

Besides, if I passed a red light why did I get a ticket for passing an amber light ?

If anyone can give me a piece of advice how the best way would be to use the contradiction between the police report and the description of the infraction on the ticket or anything else that would be helpful ?

Thank you for your time,


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4 Responses to “Ticket for amber light crossing”

  1. sebastien Says:

    go back there and time the duration of the yellow light

    and check when on your side it turn red, the other switch green right away
    or it take a second or two (4 red light) and then turn green

    i’m making these they some graph about yellow light issue
    and beying exactly at the right spot when it turn yellow…your kind of fuck

    if you say you were to close…try to get some reference like when the divider line get full

    i have data to show, how you should brake at a yellow light
    what is supose to be the duration ect

  2. Natalie Says:

    It’s actually 361.

    361. À moins d’une signalisation contraire, face à un feu jaune, le conducteur d’un véhicule routier ou d’une bicyclette doit immobiliser son véhicule avant le passage pour piétons ou la ligne d’arrêt ou, s’il n’y en a pas, avant la ligne latérale de la chaussée qu’il s’apprête à croiser, à moins qu’il n’y soit engagé ou en soit si près qu’il lui serait impossible d’immobiliser son véhicule sans danger. Il ne peut poursuivre sa route que lorsqu’un signal lui permettant d’avancer apparaît.

  3. Marc Says:

    Hi Sebastien (or to anyone else),

    I just experienced the exact same issue this evening. Wondering if you could share the outcome of your contestation.

  4. Michael Says:

    same issue here today.
    I found traffic code #362… states “a flashing amber light”… technically, my light wasn’t flashing rather it was solid… so did I break the law?

    anyone have a case number where someone won?


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