Communication of the evidence for a ticket

When do we need to ask for the communication of the evidence ?

Hello!!! I would like to know if I can ask for the communication of the evidence before I contest my ticket or do I need to wait after!!! Thank you very much! julie

You have 30 days to pay your ticket (you automatically plead guilty) or to claim that you plead not guilty. Initially, it doesn’t cost you anything to plead not guilty and you will have the opportunity to change your mind in the process (at the next step). Therefore, in the end, if you lose your case, you will have to add up some other fees.

So yes, you need to plead that you are not guilty before you asking for the communication of the evidence. Furthermore, you must still wait a little before you do your request in order to be sure that your report is completed at the police department and at the courthouse…

more information on this site: police report

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