Radar picture system and company car

Whose ticket is it and who gets the points ?

A very good question from Diane about the radar picture system and company car…

Her story :

Hello, I work as a dispatcher in a transportation company and I would like to know when a lorry driver get a ticket with a radar picture, is it the company that lose points on her licence ?

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Diane Perron
Trans4 Logistic

May 19th
My opinion :Indeed the ticket is sent to the owner with the vehicle registration. With the registration plate, the address of the owner is found and it is up to him to pay for the ticket.

It is up to the owner to determine the moment of the infraction and who was driving at that precise moment. You then give him the ticket via the usual designation process. See this article for more information :

Ticket when we lend our car
Note that for the tickets from radar pictures, no demerit points are registered in the file. In the case of a ticket given by an officer, the points would be attributed to the driver.

If the company decides to pay for the ticket instead of the driver, she could, according to her, pay back her employee…

For the company with a loan cars park, they have a tool to help then preventively towards delinquent tenants. Indeed they can register to a list of short time tenants:



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