parking on Atwater

So im parking on Atwater and Lincoln streets yesterday afternoon in the minus 22 weather. This meter only has a max of 2 hour parking. So as im paying the 6 bucks for the 2 hours the machine keeps rejecting my loonies. I paid $4 with two twoonies but I couldnt pay the rest. I paid the meter at 4:14pm and got the ticket at 6:13pm. If id been able to have paid for the full 2 hours like I wanted I wouldnt have gotten the ticket. I was walking up the street and saw him giving the ticket  but by the time I got there he had left.

Just curious if you think its valid and how much the court fees and fines are if I lose the case. Although I suppose they might expect me to go get change if the loonies werent working but the machine automatically printed up the receipt while I was in the middle of trying to get my loonies to work. I guess it timed out and printed the receipt as is.
So another question is can I add money to the meter after Ive paid and gotten my receipt?

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