Parking in Ile-Bizard

live in Ile-Bizard and had my car parked overnight in front on my house. I have been living there for 20 years and never had any issues. Overnight summer parking is allowed.

My house is in a “T” intersection and the car parked right in front of my property. There are no signs or paint on the curb indicating “no parking” and never has. One night, the public security issued me a parking ticket stating I was parked illegally (CA280028  art 36.4) “at the head of a T intersection and issued me an $86 ticket.

Two things here. There are many T intersections in Montreal where houses are in the middle of that intersection. Are you telling me that these people can’t park there even if there no signs? The other thing was that the security office indicated the time as being 11:05 am when it was actually given at 11:05 pm. It should have been written 23h05.

Do I have any legitimate arguments for contesting this ticket?

Thank you,
Serge Day

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  1. sebastien M Says:

    first it would be important to know what exactly is 36.4

    for the time it`s probably not a good argument but just for the fun of it a would probably try it….you have to make fun were you can

    but you have to go once or twice to those court to know how it`s all a joke lol

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