Notice of a parking infraction by mail

I recieved a Notice of a parking infraction by mail. The infraction stated that on February 15th at 11:01pm my car was parked along a slope on St.Laurent blvd in Montreal, with out turning the front wheels towards the edge of the roadway.

The thing is, I & my car was nowhere near that area on February 15th at 11:01pm. As a matter of fact I rarely even drive to the Plateau area, That night I was visiting my mom in Ville St-laurent until 10pm and then drove directly home to my apartment in NDG. I really don’t understand how they can have my license plate & vehicle make when it’s impossible that I was at the scene. I want to contest this ticket, but I have no proof aside from my girlfriend knowing that I was home when this happened. Is it possible that they can get the wrong car in this kind of situation. I don’t even have an actual parking ticket because I wasn’t there.

Any advice as to how to approach this? It’s not a very expensive ticker ($56), but it’s the principal that they definately got the wrong car.

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4 Responses to “Notice of a parking infraction by mail”

  1. Peter Says:

    Tank you.

  2. sebastien m Says:

    could be just a plate misread on the policeman paperwork
    they just add the car afterworth

    call them and state your issue, some time they will just kill the ticket right away

    sometime you will have to go to court

  3. Peter Says:

    Thanks for the advice. I called to ask for a photocopy of the actual ticket, and explained why. They didn’t seem to budge.
    Trying to avoid court because, I have no proof that I wasn’t there. For all I know they can think that someone else took my car and parked it there (which definately isn’t the case since I’m the only one who has a set of keys to it).

  4. sebastien m Says:

    they still have to produce the proof …mainly a small report saying the same thing a the ticket

    but they are in no obligation to help..maybe some time they should lol

    will probably be an easy win anyway just a pain in the ass to have to go for THERE mistake

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