Towed Snow Removal

February 8th, 2013

Hey !

Im writing you today because my car has been towed on tuesday jannuary 22 2013 around 11 pm !
That day on my  way back home I noticed that I could not park because there were temporary signs (orange) which indicated no parking between 18h and 7h, so I went around the block to find a parking spot and I start driving up Durocher street which is parallel to Querbes Av. and I finally found a place up the street at the corner with Saint Roch. Read the rest of this entry »

Towed During Snow Removal

January 17th, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam;

On the 27th of December , its the day that Montreal was struck by the Snow storm, I drove back from work around 2:15 pm and reached home at 3:00 pm and parked the car on the street (Decarie Blvd). I made sure that there was no signs for snow removal or anything like that. The only sign was there was for parking times. I woke up the next day and found that my car was towed and the orange signs were placed . Read the rest of this entry »

Parking Ticket – Vimont, Laval

January 17th, 2013


I am contacting you due to a parking ticket I received today (Monday, December 17, 2012) in Vimont, Laval. I noticed that I received a parking ticket around 10:00pm as I walked to my car. The parking ticket totalled $131 and the reasoning was that I was parked in front of someone’s drive way (40$) and they needed to “tow” my car to get it out of the way ($75). When I got to my car, it was not in a different spot at all. I was definitely not in this person’s drive way or obstructing the driveway and there were no tire marks on the ground proving that my car was actually towed. I am extremely frustrated and furious and I want to contest the ticket but I am not sure if I will win or if I need representation.
Please let me know what you think.

Demerit Point Accumulation

December 11th, 2012
Here’s my story for you;
Just over two years ago, I was pulled over for “excessive speeding” along the 720 East, entering the Ville Marie Tunnel.
The speed limit there is clearly posted at 70km/hr. Yes, I was speeding, among everyone else there – let’s face it, it is no secret that EVERYONE driving along the 720 (in either direction) is always speeding.
I increased my speed from about 75, to about 100km/hr.  Yes, stupid me. I was just following everyone else and making sure that some idiot behind me wasn’t riding my bumber. (Welcome to Montreal!) Read the rest of this entry »

Passenger Fail to wear seatbelt properly

November 21st, 2012
I would greatly appreciate if you could give me your opinion on weather I should meet a prosecutor or plead not guilty and go to trial. My sitution is below :

Please advise at the soonest.

I was in the passenger seat of the vehicle. I was wearing my seatbelt. I needed my cell phone to make an emergency phone call and had to bend forwards to reach to look for it. I could not reach it and therefore had to undo the seatbelt. I could not find it and had a short say 30 seconds discussion with the driver before putting on the seatbelt again. I was stopped and given a ticket even though I was wearing the seatbelt when stopped. The policeman recorded me admitting that I had taken off the seatbelt and put it back on. Is this charge legal??
Thank you very much.

Ticket for turning a red light on a right lane

November 13th, 2012


I got a ticket for turning a red light on a right lane.

The actual truth is that the light was red and at the same time there was a green light to indicate it’s ok to turn right (not blinking though).

So I turned right and then the green light disappeared while I was on the intersection, remaining the red light that was still there. But there was no yellow light to indicate I should be ready to stop.

The police said that I turned on a red light at 40km/h while I was on a road of 50km/h.

Read the rest of this entry »

Ticket for not making a “full stop”

October 23rd, 2012


Here’s my story…I left work and at the stop just outside the parking lot, I was stopped by a cop for not making a “full stop”. When he pulled me over I was shocked, I knew I had done my stop…as I always have at that intersection for the last 10 years.

First thing he says is that I didn’t stop at the stop sign…then he changes the story to I “slowed down but didn’t stop completely”. He asked me where I was coming from, I answered work and named my company…He proceeds to tell me that he is doing traffic control, following complaints from neighbors about employees at my particular place of work driving erratically and dangerously…

I have 2 witnesses who were driving behind me, who swear they saw me stop completely…they also were shocked to see the cop come flying off the sidestreet, siren and lights screaming after me…both though he was going on a call (he completely burned his stop to turn on the road to come after me at high speed – even though I was only rolling along at 30km in a park zone)….

Even worse, is that the ticket says the infraction took place at 4:33pm…which is not even possible since I only left my desk at 4:30pm and it took longer than 3 minutes to get from my desk, to the car, have a conversation with two different people and get to the stop sign…

Should I just pay up…it’s a he said/she said right?…what do you think…it’s 156$ and 3 demerit points…a big price for something I know I didn’t do!

Infraction notice by mail

October 2nd, 2012


I’m writing on behalf of my father-in-law who received an infraction notice by mail this week ( the week of 21 sept)

It says that his car was parked across our street at 13:38 on august 17th when the time not allowed was between 13:30 and 14:30. He never saw a ticket on his windshield.

Is it normal that he received an infraction notice by mail and not on his windshield? He doesn’t remember if he was parked there or not. What proof does the city have? Can we contest this?

Please let us know what you think.

Thanks, Melissa.

Getting ticket by mail

October 2nd, 2012

I would like to tell you the story of Police mailing in a ticket.

In November 2011, I received a ticket by registered mail. I had no idea what this was for since I didn`t get any tickets in 2011. The so-called infraction was for stopping in a no stopping zone in September, two months earlier.

The funny thing was that it was sent to me because the car is registered to me but I never drive it. My wife is the sole driver of that car. She said to me that she was never stopped and told that she had committed an infraction so therefore she can`t remember the actual day this took place on. This is in front of my daughter`s high school and I noticed after this event that this is what they were doing. It appears that the police were taking license plate numbers and just writing up the tickets after and mailing them. Read the rest of this entry »

Parking ticket sent to US address months later

October 2nd, 2012


I’m in Montreal on a working permit and have my motorcycle with me.  Haven’t driven it this summer, so it’s been parked on the street near my apartment.
A week or so ago my parents received 10+ parking tickets in their mail for my bike dating months back.  Two were valid (parked elsewhere in the city) — they were accidentally thrown out by my room mate when he moved out, so I paid those immediately.  But for the rest, this is the first I knew of them; I check the bike nearly every day and haven’t seen a single ticket either on the bike on on the ground.  Nada.
The other evening, a police officer showed up at my door informing me fairly aggressively of the tickets.
I’d like to resolve this in a sane way.  If I had seen even just a single one of those tickets on my bike, I would have moved it immediately.  Being right next to St. Laurent, I imagine late-night bar refugees think it’s funny to rip tickets off.  10 times.  But to have months of tickets built up like this before I’m contacted in any way just doesn’t seem reasonable.
Anything to be done?  I have until Oct 1st to pay them — so I wasn’t given much time from notice to due-date.