Ticket written by an other officer

Most of the time, officer’s work alone. However, when they do awareness campaigns or safety campaigns (would they say) (thing that we believe is quota…) they work in teams.

In those cases… can one take notice and the other one writes the ticket ?

Alain is asking the question can a ticket written by an other officer then the one who saw the infraction be valid.

His story :
Hello and congratulation or your website it is very useful.

This morning, while I was driving trough a residential neighbourhood in Montreal, I got a ticket for not stopping completely my car at a stop sign. Of course, I am convinced that I did my stop correctly. But there is a thing that bothered me around this “infraction” as I read the ticket once I’ve got home.Two agents were implicated in this police operation : 1 noticed the infraction, and said it to his colleague who wrote de ticket (without seeing anything). There was obviously some confusion between the two agents. The agent that wrote the ticket and signed it indicated (in the G section of the ticket) seeing the infraction himself (C box checked in the G section). Thing that is completely false since he got the information from his colleague.

It seams that this way of working goes against the 202.6.7 article of the road safety code. Is this enough to void the ticket ? Thank you in advance for your help.

May 19th
My opinion :

A priori yes… the ticket is valid if it is an other officer that wrote it. However, you could maybe get out of this with the error written… But be carful, it could be hard to keep in court by the accused person… Indeed, I would like to illustrate with the following example : What would you say to the judge if he ask you the following question: “ok for the officer’s mistake, which is human. But, Mister Alain, did you yes or no do the following infraction ?”

That is why a lawyer has more chances then a simple citizen for those kind of cases.

Good luck…


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