Ticket with the wrong name

With all the possible errors that can be found on a ticket… there is the name… So Fred don’t share the officers opinion, but he ask if it is easy to contest a ticket with the wrong name on it ?

His story :


On a ticket for a stop not completed according to the officer, I contest the ticket. A few months later, I get my hearing date in July and when I look at the ticket, I see that the name isn’t right, he wrote my baptism names instead of my name and my first name in the right place, but no where we see my family name.

I can contest for vice procedure but I don’t know the article on which I must refer too to for voiding my ticket.

Can you help me in this way, or refer me a lawyer or where to find one specialized in this type of administrative process.

Thank you and don’t let them get you,


May 2nd
My opinion :I will answer the same thing that I answer everyone, you will find in the “Error on ticket” section in the right column.

This being said, it is an error… but all the rest allows them to identify you for this infraction… so if a judge ask you in court… Did you yes or no do the infraction ? A specialized lawyer could answer… The accuse, hardly…

You will have to choose your defence… I believe that it is easier for a citizen, no looking at the circumstances, to defend himself from the infraction then for the small technical error on the ticket…

Keep us updated and good luck !

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