Sufficient motive to contest ?

Fan was caught in a 30km/h zone by an officer that was in a hurry to give the ticket… A small error in the name, no badge on and no conformed uniform… Is it a sufficient motive to contest ?


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Thank you for you advices, according to your own ticket experience !!!
Here is mine: This morning, an officer arrested me for excessive speeding in a 30km/h zone. He had a fluorescent yellow shirt and no apparent badge on, he didn’t even introduce himself. Is this a sufficient motive to contest ??? Furthermore, on my ticket, there is an error in my name. An accent is missing and it is a computer made ticket. I must say that my name was all in capital letters.

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My opinion :Obviously, the officer have certain rules to follow… we need to see if he didn’t make any errors on that behalf. The dressing only of the officer is not enough to contest… Nothing was stopping you from asking for his badge…

It is always possible to contest that kind of ticket… But you need to know that the judge will ask you no matter what if you did the infraction or not that is registered on the ticket… What will you answer ?

That is why, in that kind of situation I strongly recommend to get in touch, even tough there are some fees, with a lawyer that will know how to deal with those kinds of situations.

However, the accent on your name is not really an argument…


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