Officer on an acces road

When the officer does radar speeding as he his getting on an access road… Can we contest it ?

The question is about an error in the name of the street… but is it the best defence ?


Hi, First, congratulation for your website !

Here is my story: I got caught at 148km/h in a 90km/h zone by radar.

I was on the highway and the officer caught me as he was getting on the access road to the highway. In the report, he wrote that he was driving from the Hamel Boulevard but that is not right, he was driving from the Charest highway. Can this play in my favour ? Thank you in advance !


My opinion :First of all, thank you for your good comments.

But, Alexander… 148km/h is very fast!!! This must be pretty expensive in money and demerit points… outch ! For the next assurance and registrations !

There are two points in the story, like I said in the introduction. Yes, you can contest the infraction that is reproached talking about the error on the name of the street. However, this doesn’t affect the fact that you did an infraction. And the procurer will probably ask you about that in court. Prepare yourself! In your case, you better get a lawyer that is qualified in those kinds of cases. This will be a technical contestation.

Furthermore, it is easier to contest a radar registration while the officer’s car was in movement in an access road… or was that the case or was he parked ? Since if he was in movement, how can he be sure to have registered your car and your car only ? Particularly if there was many other cars around you ? This can maybe be an interesting way to defend yourself…But you should get in touch with a lawyer…

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