Jurisprudence for voiding a ticket

If all was simple, Jeff request would be pretty easy… We know, officers are always there to serve and protect… but sometimes we have the impression that they are only waiting in the detour.

When the officer fills out our ticket and makes some mistakes on the ticket… What can we do ? Do we have any resorts ? Jurisprudence for voiding a ticket ?

Jeff question :

Hello, I am looking for jurisprudence or a law number stipulating that information is declared void if the upbraided facts are false. The officer wrote the wrong street number on the ticket… Thank you in advance for the information !

May 21st
My opinion :Unfortunately it is not that simple… talk about “upbraided facts”… the number of a street is very far from being a upbraided fact… The infraction is what you have done… excessive speeding I imagine ?

A lawyer has more chances to win in court with this defensive approach. Go read the “ticket error” section.

Jurisprudence is more about a judgement made on an infraction and not on a ticket error.

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