Gender error

Sometimes, officers fill out the ticket a bit too quickly… can any error void the ticket ? What about a gender error on the ticket ? The story of Mister or Madame Forgues… ;-)



I was told that any single error on the ticket comes and voids it.

In my case, my name, address, etc. is ok, the thing is that he wrote 1 instead of 2 (1 being Mister and 2 being Madame …).

I am not Mister Forgues but Madame Forgues…

Will the judge laugh at me if I try to win my case with this error ?

Tank you

My opinion :Indeed, he could be smiling…
But then, it happens that a ticket could be void for this kind of mistake… But what would you tell the judge when he will ask you directly the question: ok for the mistake but you… did you did this infraction ?

When we want to void a ticket with a technical error of this type, I believe that you should go and ask a specialise lawyer to take a look…

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