Ticket on bicycle

Bicycles have the same road safety code then as soon as they are on the public lane…

Unfortunately for her, Valerie just learned it to her expenses when she got a ticket on bicycle

Her story :


Here is my story! Yesterday morning (June 2nd 2010- 6:30am) I was on my bicycle on the St-Joseph Boulevard going to work. Note that at this hour it is still very calm. At the angle of 2nd Avenue there is a traffic light. Instead of completely doing my stop and wait for the green light, I slow down, stop and since there was no one near or far, I decided to continue. The thing is that out of nowhere, behind me probably, I got pulled over by an officer at 6:35am for not stopping at a red light. I got a 37$ and 3 demerit points ticket.Of course, I passed on the red light, but I slow down first and I made sure it was safe.
My fill as a driver is virgin. He could have given me a simple warning, but I believe he didn’t take his coffee yet!! So I am stuck with this ticket…

Can I contest ? What are my chances ? If I have some, what is the way to do so ?

Thank you in advance !

My opinion :

Unfortunately, I don’t see how you could win this one… Can a car substitute a traffic light for a stop because no one is near ? No of course not…

You can always try to see if there is technical errors on the ticket that could void it…

And Monday morning… check behind you before passing on a red light !

Be safe !


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