Ticket driving on a bicycle

Argh! When you’re destined to get caught, you are going to be caught… That what Dominique is probably telling herself since she got a ticket driving on a bicycle…


Last summer, I passed on a red light while driving my bicycle. The officer arrested me right as I was starting to get across, so I taught he was letting my pass. I lost 3 points and 50$. I have a probationary licence and I am allowed only 4 points. I don’t know if it is worth it and if I got any chances.

Thank you !


My opinion :I will be honest, if the light was completely red before you got engaged and while you were passing trough…the fact that the officer was stop or not doesn’t change anything… It would be different if the officer was there to guide the traffic… which is not the case here… I believe that you will not have a lot of luck… You can always ask for the communication of the proof (top right menu) and see what he wrote in his report… If he wrote that he let you pass in order to avoid an accident since you were going to drive on a red light… your chances are over!


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