Ticket for using a cell phone while driving

Poor Lorena… not only one, but two bad lucks… More then just a ticket for using her cell phone while driving, in front of her home, the officer adds one ticket for not having the registration papers with her…

I got arrested for talking on my cell phone while parking my car in my drive way… 152$

The car I was driving was my friend’s car, she told me that the papers where in the car, in the glove box. The officer asks me the registration papers, but I couldn’t find them. I give him all the papers I could find and told him this was my friend’s car, and that I didn’t know where the paper was.

Finally, he gave me a ticket for not having in the car the registration papers. He leaves and I continue searching and found the darn paper. I went to see the agent that was stopped at the red light a little further away and told him that I found the paper. He told me it was to late, that the ticket was filled and that I could contest.

Do I have any chances of winning if I contest the second ticket ?

Thank you.

My opinion:Indeed, you could win this, but it is not certain… it will all depend of the judge… since it is really an obligation to present the asked papers to the officer… Of course, you could play on the fact that you didn’t drive your car (which is not an excuse) and that in consequence, you were pretty nervous… but maybe the judge could give you a chance… I can’t guess…

I your case, since you gave the document to the officer, I believe that it could be pertinent to ask for the officer to be there to testify and make him say that indeed you showed him the paper… hehehe…

You could also get in touch with a lawyer to be more certain…

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