Ticket for talking on a cell phone

Gaston made the mistake to answer his cell phone while driving on a boulevard… He told the person on the other end of the line that he will call him back when he’ll be at his office… of course… Murphy law’s occurs… a police officer saw him and pulled him over in order to give him a ticket for talking on his cell phone while driving… what can he do?

I forgot to put on my Bluetooth… and my cell phone rang and I saw on my visual display that it was an important customer, I preferred answer him and tell him that I was going to reach him later then trying to put on my hand free device… I didn’t even talk for a minute on the cell… I really taught the officer was cranky!!!

Can I contest the ticket?
Thank you

Of course you can contest. But, first of all, don’t focus on your perception of the officer mood. If you contest, focus on explaining to the judge the fact that you didn’t really break the law. But if I focus on your story, you did indeed. But, I believe that the judge may give you your case.

Good luck and keep us in touch

@visiteurs… if you got a similar ticket and you contested it… tell us the judgment and also the place where you got caught (city).

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  1. Francois Says:

    Bonjour! Ma fille a 18 ans et s’est fait arreter pour avoir tenue son cellulaire en conduisant. Le policier (voiture fantome) venait à contresens et est venu le chercher. Elle était sur un permis de 24 mois à (4 points) et avec les 3 points associés à sa contravention, elle perdera son permis si nous ne contestons pas. (elle avait déjà perdu 2 points l’an dernier) Comment puis-je contester? Quels sont les arguments à présenter au juge qui seraient en notre faveur pour une telle situation ?

    Merci !

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