Ticket for taking a look at my cell phone

The law is very clear about this subject… even if the population comprehension is harder… But the police application is very simple… Here is the story of somebody who got a ticket for taking a look at my cell phone… However, this is not what is written on the ticket…

I got a ticket since I supposedly used my cell phone according to the officer !!!

I didn’t use my cell phone, I looked at my cell phone and put it back in my purse, but I believe he saw me do this.

Should I contest it proving with my cell phone account that show all the calls made and received????

My opinion:Indeed, maybe you weren’t on the phone… but the road safety code is pretty précis… here is what is written:

439.1. A person can’t, while driving a vehicle on the road, use a hand device with a telephone function.

For the application of the article, the driver that has in his hand a device with the function to make a call is presumed to make use of it.

Therefore, if you really took your phone in your hand and the officer saw you, you don’t have any defence possible… But you still could try to convince the judge about the silliness of the situation, but it will really not be easy… Furthermore, your account will not change anything… it proves your good intentions, but, to make me the devils lawyer, it is easy to say that maybe you were taking your messages on your voicemail for example and this has any registration on your account. You could also tried to call somewhere but nobody answered…


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