Arrested for cell phone behind the wheel

Ah ah ! A sad ticket… An other cell phone story…

Émilie wasn’t talking on her phone in her car… but she got caught anyways.

Here is her story : arrested for cell phone behind the wheel


I just got arrested, 2 days ago for cell phone behind the wheel 2 questions :

1-If I was on the free hand option and that I was holding my phone in my hand in order to put it on the passenger seat to continue the call, is the short moment that I hold my cell phone really an infraction ?
2-On the ticket, there is a major error. My first name is Émilie and it is written Amélie. Can I contest with this error ?

What is the process that I should take to prepare a good pleading ?

Thank you !

May 30th
My opinion :Like you will be able to see in the other following article on the subject (go around in the “cell phone” category), the article of the code is very strict… if the device is in your hands, this means that you are using it…

So for your question 1- Yes… otherwise, this would be at 100% sure the excuse of every arrested person !

2- Yes you can… but I would strongly recommend you to get a lawyer… since if the judge asks you the fateful question: ok for the error on the ticket… but was it you yes or no ? What will you answer ??? (You never must lie in court…)


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