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Ticket for amber light crossing

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Dear all,

Herewith I would like to join your blog. My story is below and I intent to contest the ticket. Any opinion or advice would be really helpful, if you could please post it on your blog.

What happened was that I was driving with 50 km/h in a 50 km/h zone on Sherbrooke East (Montreal) and I passed a yellow light. The police gave me a ticket which I will contest preparing to base my defence on C.C 24-2, Art. 360 of the Highway Safety Code of Quebec, where it says that “Unless otherwise directed by a sign or signal, when facing an amber light, the driver of a road vehicle or any person riding a bicycle must stop his vehicle before the pedestrian crosswalk or stop-line or, if none, before the near side of the roadway he is about to cross, unless he has entered it or is so close to it that he could not stop in safety; he may proceed only when a signal shows he may do so.” I believed I would not have been able to stop safely because of the speed and because it changed when I was very close to the stop line. (more…)

Ticket yellow light

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Little story from Norma…

They are some green lights and some red lights… between them there is the ticket for yellow light !

Her story :

Hello, I got a ticket for a yellow light. I was driving on Jean-Talon Street and got engaged in the street and the light turned yellow. IF I STOP I AM IN THE STREET. So I continue on the yellow light. The officer said that he gives me a ticket for yellow light with no points. I want to contest since I had a ticket for over 20 years. I take the same path for 18 years. I noticed that many green light flashes before turning yellow, which is safer it should be everywhere. If I could have stopped I would’ve done it. Thank you for reading me.

May 10th
My opinion :

Your story is the same one then mine… I invite you to read (or read over) my story


Ticket for yellow light

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Oh my oh my ! You can drive on a red light… everybody knows that… but what about yellow lights ? Ange question who got a ticket for a yellow light…


For the first time of my life, I got a ticket. And at my big surprise, the officer told me that it was because I drove on a yellow light. I decided to plead my case in court. I haven’t any other choice then to accelerate since I would have found myself in the middle of the street. Furthermore, I have a 120$ bill to pay for this. I want to know where to go find the information to know my rights before getting to court. And what must I say to the judge in order to be recognised not guilty ?

Thank you

April 9th

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Ticket when it is raining

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Damn traffic light… green yellow red… a quick light game… the decision time is sometime pretty short… Mostly when it is raining… Be careful… the rules tell you to be prudent… When you see a green light for a moment… you should release the speeding pedal and anticipate the change… but not necessarily slow down… all depending on your speed…

Fred’s story… and of his ticket when it is raining…



Me, it happened when I arrived in Quebec City on Saint-Sacrament Street. I was driving at 55km/h in the left lane, at more or less 2 meters from the stopping line of a traffic light that just turned yellow and it was raining and even if it wasn’t raining, I would have been obliged to put on the brakes an exaggerated way, but under the rain, it is obvious that I would have exceeded the stopping line.

All the way trough the yellow light was on, and then I saw it turn red when my front tires exceeded the stopping line on the other side of the intersection. The police car was on the left and followed me then pulled me over saying to me “Outch that was close!” Then they (2 officers in the car) gave me a 150$ ticket and 3 demerit points, that I want to contest… what do you think ??

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Ticket for a yellow light

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Green light, yellow light and red light !
Grrrrr Valérie got a ticket for a yellow light… The was nice and didn’t gave her a ticket for red light… she can “spare” some points… but even then, it cost her a lot of money… Right Valérie ?!

Hello, not guilty, here is my story.

I was getting out of the supermarket parking lot, it was during the winter and I drive a little manual car. I looked at the green light, but my shifter doesn’t pass in the second gear. When it’s cold, it is like it was frozen. When I look back again at the light, it is yellow, but my car was already engaged. My speed is not fast enough in order to get on the other side of the intersection before the light turned red (Boulevard with 3 lanes on one side and 2 on the other).

I was engaged when I saw the yellow light. If I put the breaks, I slide since the road is covered with ice, if I stop I am in the middle of the 3 lanes… I speed up thinking this is the safe thing to do, but I am in first gear so it is not very fast. I should have been in third gear. It is right in the cold winter of January.

The police was on the other side of the boulevard, she was simply driving by and I don’t think she was in the first row. I asked for the communication of the evidence. Of course, I didn’t get it in time in the 30 days, so I will contest and wait for it.

The police didn’t want to listen to me at first, even if I was calm and not shouting. I was really discouraged by my shifter’s problems; this wasn’t the first time it occurred. Finally she listens to me. When she gave me the ticket, it was “passed on a yellow light, no demerit point”, instead of “red light, with demerit points”. I was alone in the car, so did the officer.

Is it worth it ?
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Red light and snow

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Obviously snow is tricky these days… Peter’s story below is one where a red light was missed because of the snow… No doubt… red light and snow = danger !

I also passed on a red light on February 20 of 2009. There was a lot of wind and it was snowing. I was driving heading West, I was going to pick up my kids when I got at this crossroad (Breboeuf and 132). I was driving at a 50 km/h speed when the light turned yellow. I put the breaks, my truck started to slip because of the snow and the wind. It was too late to stop, so I continued. A bit farther, a police officer gave me a 150$ ticket and 3 demerit points.

Should I contest ?

Thank you !

Dear Peter, there is some details missing in order for me to see if you got a chance… but with was you wrote… you did an infraction… but you still could contest and see what the judge will say about it…

This depends on where the police officer was located, the speed you were driving… in your case it is more complicated then the two before… you don’t seem to have stopped at all… You didn’t just overpass the line by a few inches… and you didn’t seem to pass on the yellow light… it seems like you passed on the red light without trying to stop… Yes it was too late, but maybe you were going to fast… I don’t know… it is up to you to see how the situation really occurred ;-)

Start by demanding the communication of the evidence…