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Speeding ticket and demerit point

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013


I live in Toronto, Ontario.

In August 2012, I received a speeding ticket in Laval, Quebec.
The ticket says I was going 78 km/h in a 50 km/h zone; however, I was following the flow of traffic.

I have now received my court date and would like to take action.
I don’t mind paying the fines; I just don’t want the demerit points on my licence.
I don’t want this ticket to affect my insurance rates.

I should also mention that the officer did not speak one word of English.
I repeatedly told her that I don’t understand French and she kept speaking French.

Please advise.
What should I do next?
How can I get the points removed from my licence?

Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.

Speeding ticket and clean record

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

I recently received a speeding ticket on the T-CAN service road in St. Laurent (75km/h in a 50km/h). I have a relatively clean record, with one ticket several years ago in Toronto. In that particular case, I was able to visit the prosecutor before pleading and negotiate a plea-bargain to reduce the charge (from 23km/h over the limit to 15km/h over the limit). This not only reduced the fine amount but also cleared the demerit points from my driving record.

Is such an option available in Montreal, prior to appearing before the court? Or, am I better off paying the fine and moving on? Note that I don’t have much of a case to get the charge completely withdrawn.


Demerit Point Accumulation

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012
Here’s my story for you;
Just over two years ago, I was pulled over for “excessive speeding” along the 720 East, entering the Ville Marie Tunnel.
The speed limit there is clearly posted at 70km/hr. Yes, I was speeding, among everyone else there – let’s face it, it is no secret that EVERYONE driving along the 720 (in either direction) is always speeding.
I increased my speed from about 75, to about 100km/hr.  Yes, stupid me. I was just following everyone else and making sure that some idiot behind me wasn’t riding my bumber. (Welcome to Montreal!) (more…)

Radar to catch me going 106 km/h in a 70 zone

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

I got a ticket on the 24th of July for speeding. The highway patrol officer used a radar to catch me going 106 km/h in a 70 zone. It was the highway heading towards the Champlain Bridge from Montreal.

He stopped me and explained to me why I was being stopped. He went back to his car to write up the report along with the ticket, in the meantime I thought about taking out my phone and film his reaction when I ask him about his radar permit. I put my phone in my cup holder that way he couldn’t see that I’m actaully recording.

I asked him if he had a “Permis de radariste”, he paused and said yes. Then I asked him if I could see it and he said that he isn’t obligated to show it to me. Can I contest the fact that he didn’t show me his permit? Some cops don’t have their permit on them and I could use that o my advantage.

He gave me 232$ in fines and 3 points off of my license.

I still have the video and the audio is clear, can I use that as evidence in case he is the one that is at fault?


Ticket without even pulling me over

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

While I was driving home from work a motorcycle cop issued me a ticket without even pulling me over.

He informed me that I would be receiving a citation in the mail while we were still on the highway over his loud-speaker. I was driving home from work with the cop in front of me most of the way. Just before leaving the highway I pulled even with him for the first time, while driving even with him for a moment he got behind my car to get a look at my tag then started talking to me via his load speaker.

He asked me if I it was my car. I shook my head “yes” and then he told me I would be receiving a citation in the mail for driving 70 in a 55. I guess my questions are: can a cop pull you over without actually pulling you over, since I did not pass him at any point and only was even with him the whole trip can I report him for speeding, and since he did not get me with a radar gun do I have a way to contest his assessment of my speed.

If there is anything I can do to contest the way this all happened please let me know.

No driver’s license ticket and speeding

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

I got pulled over and got a ticket for speeding and no driver license.

which driver license i have.I have 2 driver’s license one is from my country of origin (mexico) and and international translation driver’s license which expires on 13-feb-02.

so i went and payed the speeding ticket $140 and asked a dismissal of the no driver’s license ticket.And the girl at the desk said no and that i have to go a hearing with a grand jury to contest the ticket.

i told her i have no other choice but to contest because i wasn’t driving without driver’s license.

this is costing me days of work .what should i do?

Speeding ticket in a 30 zone

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

I got a speeding ticket today for going 50 km/hr in a 30 zone.

However, the signs were not visible: one was partly covered by a tree (which I took a picture of later on), and the other was completely covered by a huge construction truck… and right behind that truck was where the cops we located (bastards).

I tried to explain to the cop that the signs were not visible and all he could say is “je peu pas faire rien…”

So should I contest the ticket?

Two tickets – speeding

Monday, December 5th, 2011


Within the last 2 months I received two tickets, my first was for speeding ( 3 demerits) and my second was excessive speeding (14 demerits and 1000$). I already contacted a lawyer,

I believe for the first one they had the radar gun but the second they did not. I want to keep my license, I am 21 with my full 8 demerits, and have had no prior tickets except for one red light.

Is there any hope?

Secondly (more…)

Speeding ticket and never asked driver license

Monday, December 5th, 2011


here is my story :
I got a speeding ticket but the officer never asked for my driver license. He just gave me the ticket. I asked him to see the speed I was driving at but he didn’t answer. He completely ignored every question I asked him and just went back to his car.

should I contest this ticket ?


Cruise control on at a spot over 110km/hour

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

I was going east bound on auto-route 10 around Bolton area. I was approaching an over pas on a decline with my cruise control on at a spot over 110km/hour.  I saw through the corner of my eye a car at the top of the ramp to the overpass, just the nose of the car. It looked as though it was stopped at the stop sign up there. As I come out from under the overpass I look in my mirror to see that it’s an SQ.

He clocked me at 149km I told him it was impossible because I had my cruise set.  (Albeit over the 100 km/hr allowance, but they usually don’t bother you at 110km. but, I didn’t tell him that) I never asked for proof of his radar.  That part of the road was in a decline; could it be possible that going down a hill with the cruise on, that it would have fluctuated that much (110 – 149)? My ticket is for 315$ and 5 demerits.

My question is; is there any way to fight it at least to a lesser fine or at least to remove the demerits.  One, the road was on a decline. And two, the SQ was hidden at the overpasses intersection at the top of the ramp.

Thank you,