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Passenger Fail to wear seatbelt properly

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012
I would greatly appreciate if you could give me your opinion on weather I should meet a prosecutor or plead not guilty and go to trial. My sitution is below :

Please advise at the soonest.

I was in the passenger seat of the vehicle. I was wearing my seatbelt. I needed my cell phone to make an emergency phone call and had to bend forwards to reach to look for it. I could not reach it and therefore had to undo the seatbelt. I could not find it and had a short say 30 seconds discussion with the driver before putting on the seatbelt again. I was stopped and given a ticket even though I was wearing the seatbelt when stopped. The policeman recorded me admitting that I had taken off the seatbelt and put it back on. Is this charge legal??
Thank you very much.

Ticket for a passenger that doesn’t wear the seatbelt

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Outch !

Two tickets for two sisters in one car!
They were both passenger, they weren’t driving… but they each got a ticket for a passenger that doesn’t wear the seatbelt… in fact, the ticket says “driver”… ??

Told by Manon, here is their story…



Here is the situation: Two of my daughters each got a ticket when they were passenger in a car and where they didn’t wear their seatbelt.

In fact, they were 5 passengers and one that couldn’t wear the seatbelt since there were only 5 places in the car. Each passenger got a ticket where it was written “Driver of a moving vehicle didn’t wear his seat belt properly” (396.11).

Can they contest the ticket and if yes, how ?

Thank you !

April 18th

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Ticket for the 396 article infraction

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

An other pricy story of a ticket for a seatbelt….

His story :

My 18 year old kid just got a ticket for the 396 article codification P218, being the driver of a moving vehicle that didn’t wear correctly his seatbelt. It occurred close to home in Montreal (Rivière-Des-Prairies). In the car there was 4 people 2 passengers in the back that didn’t wear their seatbelt, 1 in front with his seatbelt and my kid who was driving without his seatbelt. The car was parked but the engine was still running they got 3 tickets. The officers came to see me to explain to me the tickets, saying that the law is that if your are parked, and the engine is running, it is a ticket, but I told him that the ticket clearly said that the vehicle was moving. Can there is a special law for the Rivière-Des-Prairies surrounding in Montreal. Is this law is real the public should know about it since a lot of drivers don’t put their seatbelt on when they are parked.

Is this a ticket that is worth contesting since if the officers don’t show up to say that the car was indeed parked.

Thank you for your advices.

May 27th
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Ticket for not wearing a seatbelt

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Outch! When we get arrested… while pulling the car over, better not move too much and don’t do anything before the officer gets to your window… until he tells you, don’t do anything… Isa got a ticket for not wearing her seatbelt when she actually wore it… before the office was besides her !

Her story :
I also got a ticket for supposedly not wearing my seatbelt when I just got it off when the officer got to window and then he told me don’t put it back on just while I was taking it off !! What sould I do ?

May 18th
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Ticket for not wearing the seatbelt

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

In order to avoid a stupid ticket, buckle up your seatbelt before starting the car… make it a habit… therefore, you will stop forgetting… officers watch seatbelt more then before…

If not, like for Gregory, you will find yourself with a ticket for not wearing the seatbelt…

His story :


I just got a ticket a few minutes a go for not wearing the seatbelt, this will cost me 3 demerit points and 115$, and since I don’t want to give my money to those fascist, I would like to no if there is a way to avoid given them their daily quota. (more…)

Ticket for seat belt not fasten

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

I think that it is not fun to get caught and get a ticket… But when it comes to a ticket for seat belt not fasten… I personally think that it is worth-it… It has been a while know that we are conscious about this “cause” that can save our life… We don’t have any excuse… except of course in special situations like a medical certificate… which is not the case here…


Hello, I’ve been arrested for seat belt not fasten. The thing is I was waiting at a red light, when it became green, the police car pass by me.

I saw the officer do a “u-turn” in the street, without getting engage in a house alley to do it. The thing is. Is it possible to contest if we know we are guilty, but that the officers also did an infraction, the thing is that we can’t do a u-turn like that on the street ?

I would get arrested for that.
Thank you !

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Ticket for seat belt in a parking

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Either if we are on the road or at the end of the road or in a public place… wearing your seat belt is obligatory…

Unfortunately for Chantal’s friend that got a ticket for seat belt in a parking…



On today’s lunch time, my girl friend and I went in town to eat.

When we got back to school where we were attending our secretary classes, we got pulled over by an officer. I explain: We were in the entry of the school’s parking lot and my girl friend took her safety belt of. The officer saw her and did a u-turn to come and see us in the parking lot. A few seconds later we could have been already in the building. My girl friend got a 115$ and 3 demerits points ticket.

She only has her probationary licence and she wasn’t even driving. I was. The officer was alone.

What could we do ?



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How to correctly wear our safety belt

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Winter… it is so jammed up… Tuque, gloves, winter coat… With all this clothing… is it possible to buckle up the safety belt a wrong way and not notice it ? Or even, is it possible to touch the safety belt unlock button without feeling it ? Is this a good argument in front of a judge ?

This is Michel question, here is his story…

I was driving in the winter of 2008, wearing a coat and gloves. There was snow on both side on the road and it was snowing which reduced the visibility.

I dropped an object on my right which I tried to catch before it slipped in between the benches. At a crossroad, with stops on both sides, I bend over in order to read the name of the street in front of me. I felt that my belt unbuckled. It could be possible that when I tried to reach the object between the benches, my body weight pressed on the unlock button of my safety belt. (more…)

Safety belt installation

Monday, September 28th, 2009

The Ministry of transportation of Canada just installed a new law concerning the wearing and the installation of the safety belt. The new norm was established and preliminary studies showed that it would reduce by 45% the automobile accidents.

Now, all the new cars will have them and it is strongly recommend installing them in your actual car. Please proceed immediately by changing your actual seat belts… This is for your one safety and those of the other drivers too.

Belt operation

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Take care folks…

This Belt operation 2009 is running. From June 8 to june 14r, the police and SQ are going to check specificly your belt.

As you know, it’s the law : you must always get it.

We must do it. It’s safer. Think about it, and don’t forget childreen. Do it for them.

And please don’t worry about what the family of the woman of the talk show…

The belt operation 2009 is a initiative of Service de la sécurité des réseaux de transport de la Sûreté du Québec and with the help of la Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, and ministère des Transports, and Fondation Martin Matte and Honda.

Thanks a lot Martin, your are not only a joke man, but you are a really good man.

Have a good summer !