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Ticket – reserved lane

Monday, December 5th, 2011


Thank you so much for the effort and the service you are providing, it is nice to know that I’m not alone sharing these frustrating situations.

In my case, this morning happened while I was taking my kid to daycare. I was turning right on a big street not knowing the right lane was a reserved lane. However, as soon as I finished turning I realized I was on a reserved lane so I directly do right turn to get in a parking lot as to clear lane. As I was getting back to go the main street (the middle lane this time), the police officer stopped me and gave me a ticket.
Now I understand that this was a reserved lane but I could only see it once I got onto that street and I made a reasonable effort to get out of that street by getting into the parking lot (within 2-3 seconds) instead of blocking the lane waiting for the rush hour cars to let me in the middle lane.

Do you think I have a chance to make that argument at the court and win?

Thank you so much for your help!

Turning right on a reserved lane

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Be carful when you get to engaged your vehicle in a new lane… You need to pay attention to the road signs, to the not so visible signs before turning…

Rosan’s story that got caught before turning right on a reserved lane…

Yesterday near 16:15 I used the Metropolitain Christophe Colomb exit and turn left near Chambord and I was waiting for the traffic to get by to be able to turn (left).

When I turned, I pulled my car in the right lane (for bus) that was not visible at that moment… I needed to take the first street that is name Rousselot… at 8 or 9 meters I saw the sign that said it was reserved, I needed to turn, so I turn but the officer that was parked in the school parking came and gave me a 154$ ticket… if I contest do I have any chances… thank you.

May 13th
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Ticket for driving on a private road

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Nestor story that got a ticket for driving on a private road.



I was driving on the Concorde West Street in Laval at 8:10 near the Concorde metro station and right before the Ampere Street, their was an officer filling a ticket to an other driver.

I was going on the middle lane and I needed to drop my wife near the metro station, but I knew that I couldn’t stop my car on the right lane since it is for bus and taxis only (from 6:30 to 9:30). So I decided to get in a building parking the nearest from the station, but in order to get in that parking lot, I need to get by the right lane.

The officer saw me and moved her car in order to get in the parking lot. She asked me if I was living it the building. I tell her that I don’t, so she asks me why I got in the parking lot. I told her that my wife needs to take the metro and since I can’t stop on the right lane since it’s a private lane, I got in the parking lot to drop her off.

She told me that I couldn’t be here since it is a private parking and that I drove on a private lane for bus and taxis.

I told her that I drove only one or two seconds in order to turn right.

She filled me out a ticket for driving on a private lane and told me that I had 30 days to pay.

It is my first ticket (150$ and I don’t know how many demerit points it will cost me).

I would like to know if I can contest the ticket and if I can win or how much it will cost me if I lose ?

Thank you for your opinion.


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Police officer signs

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Hello Denis, well… he is nice the police officer, he invited you to give you a ticket using all sorts of signs and hop… a little ticket. Grrr.

Thank you for all your good comments…

Here is Denis little story who, while taking a new itinerary, near a crossroad, see a police officer making him signs, he listen and bang, a ticket !

You have very interesting explanations. Here is how I got my ticket. I was driving on the Metropolitan’s access road heading East near 5:00pm on a Thursday afternoon. I just turned right on St-Denis Sud. I was in the middle lane, I looked at the 1st lane to see if it was still reserved or if I could use it to turn on St-Denis. There wasn’t any painting on the road, so I taught that I missed the line indicating the end of the lane. But, I was still hesitating. There was a police officer on the first lane that was making signs meaning that I could change lane and go forward.

I taught to myself : “ Here is an officer that’s managing the traffic, that’s great, I will follow his directions ”. I changed lane just behind the car near the officer that refused to let him go forward. He was making signs to the car in front of me in order to make her turn in a parking lot. It was the same thing for me since I was following that car. Well, I receive a ticket since I drove 15 feet in a reserved lane not well marked and with a police officer that was making signs to change lanes ! (more…)

Ticket for reserved lane Bus/taxi

Monday, September 14th, 2009

The lanes reserved for the buses and taxis are really to be avoided… There are not often watched, but they are regularly so don’t take any chance. And this, even if many cars in front of you are doing it. When you patiently wait for your turn, and that they are only a few meters to be able to slip in and turn, it is very tempting… but… this can quickly transform into a ticket for reserved lane Bus/taxi…


Your opinion would be much appreciated.

I received a ticket this morning for having engaged “too early” my vehicle in a reserved lane for bus and taxi, this while I wanted to turn on my right.

This happened in Montreal at the Crémazie and Christophe-Colomb crossroads near 8h30. Indeed, the right lane is reserved until 9h for bus and taxi. I am on the 2nd lane, and I wait near the crossroad in order to turn right. The thing is that there is a lot of traffic, the lights changes and we barely move ahead. Finally, when I am at maybe 15-20 feet from the crossroad, I clearly see the police officer that is standing on the corner of the street (not thinking that he is there to see who’s taking the reserved lane or not). There is no bus or taxi. And since I am not very far from the crossroad (less then half of a street corner) I engage my vehicle in the lane (as the car in front of me) and there, 2 seconds later, the police officer stands in front of the car ahead and ask both of us to pull over! (more…)