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SAAQ Late Registration Payment

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013


I was late in paying my registration for our two cars this year by about 1 1/2 month. Three days after paying them both off at a bank, my wife was stopped without proof as I forgot to leave the payment stub in her car. While she explained the situation and offered to have me fax the proof immediately to the police, he still issued her a ticket. We call the court and explained the situation and was told that with proof it should be cleared but when I went down to the courthouse, I was told that it is up to the court and proof of payment may not be adequate. The fact that it’s not a clear cut issue is disturbing. So I was was asked to submit proof which I did. But while I was there, I was told after the clerk checked in the system that 3 weeks earlier (before I paid at the bank), the police had spotted my car on the road,noted that the registration wasn’t paid but did not intercept. I was told that they may be sending me a ticket even though they did not intercept. Two months later, I got the ticket which strangely came via a large FedEx cardboard envelope. The questions are: a) can they issue a ticket after the registration was paid even though the bank have yet to process b) can they legally issue a ticket for a traffic violation without intercepting or presenting proof?


Ticket for registration

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

I got a ticket for not paying registration on time.

Due date was 30th Nov and I was caught on 4th Jan.
I did not receive a renewal notice from the department and contacted them on 9th Dec via mail and they responded back to me saying  that my address on the file is not right and they received the documents back.

I left for US the same day and returned on 1st Jan. After which the office was closed untill 3rd Jan and I did not use my car for that duration. (more…)

Ticket but I changed my address at the SAAQ

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

A recurrent question… a lot of people gets caught…

Unfortunately… we ask me: I got a ticket but I changed my address at the SAAQ…

His story :

Three years ago I moved and made the necessary address changes.

When I did the renewal of my driver’s licence, I got the notice at my new address.

On October 2008, I got a ticket because the registrations of my car were expire.

I never got the notice from the SAAQ for the registrations.

The agent that gave me the ticket advises me to contest, which I do.

Do I have chance of winning when I will be heard in court ?

Thank you

May 25th
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Ticket for driving a vehicle not registered

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Marc’s incredible story, who when he bought a new vehicle, do his duty and got to registered it… I invite you to read his story.

His story :

Ticket for driving a vehicle not registered

Here is my problem :
I bought a new vehicle about two months ago. When I went at the SAAQ to get the vehicle registration, I brought my old car plate since I taught I had to put this one on. The clerk told me to do get the plate off unless I sold the car or if the car was considered scrap. The clerk asked me to sign a document and gave me a new plate and told me to have a good day. I got back home and put the plate on the old vehicle knowing that my girlfriend needed the car and I offered her my old car. (more…)

Registration papers of a company car are unpaid

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

When our company loan us the car… you must be sure that she is in order before taking it… like we learn in our driving lessons (!?!?)… check out the tires, the oil level, etc…

Can this go to the registration and assurance papers ??? What happens if the registration papers of a company car are unpaid ?

Her story :


This morning, my husband was arrested because the registration papers of the company car were unpaid. Our company is brand new and we bought the car in October so we paid the registration in October thinking that it would be good for one year. (more…)

Registration plate number error on the ticket

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Can we contest a ticket when there is a registration plate number error on the ticket ? Pierre-Alexander’s question…



I would like to tell my story quickly: I got a ticket from an officer for not doing a complete stop. Everything is good, but when I get home I noticed that everything on the ticket seams ok (brand of the car, color, name…) except for my plate number.

The officer wrote CXX instead of XCX for the last 3 letters of my registration plate.
(He also reversed my zip code).

Question : If I go to court, will I win automatically?

I was searching on the internet for some information and I found your website, which is really well taught by the way. I would like to have an answer as soon as possible, since I need to take a decision before November 26. I could give you more details if you want to publish my example.

Thank you and good day !

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Ticket for registration plate not paid

Monday, May 31st, 2010

The procrastination is at top of our society… The nation made us that way… We are so used to being told what to do and when to do it, etc… Maybe get caught when they move and that the notice don’t follow… hop… Eric got caught and got a ticket for registration plate not paid…


I would like to know if my ticket is worth contesting. I recently got caught by the SQ for ticket for registration plate not paid (10 days to late). I never got my renewal notice (I have some proof) from the SAAQ for the following reason : I moved on August 15 (on a Saturday) and the SAAQ had been aware since August 1st. I also did a mail transfer by Post Canada to my new address at the end of July.

I didn’t get the notice since it was printed on August 14th so it was mailed to my old address, the day before I moved. It should have been delivered since the mail transfer was done, but that was not the case. I did some research and found out that the SAAQ obliged Post Canada to transfer the mail even if the owner asked for it. This being said, the owner of my old house never got it and I didn’t get it. The SAAQ defend herself by saying that it is my responsibility to update my file, but saying this is completely not taking any responsibility. What would happen if the SAAQ decided to stop sending notices and don’t tell anyone! Life is so quick without that notice it is almost impossible to remember that date by heart. I have an impeccable credit and never got a ticket before.

I assume the fact that I forgot to pay, but in my case (my good intentions) do you think that a judge could lower the ticket cost ?

Thank you for your opinion !

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Renewal registration papers

Friday, May 21st, 2010

An other case of a person that didn’t pay in time her registration fees since she didn’t get her renewal registration papers after she moved… the notice of renewal…

The story of Tricoire, who’s wife got the notice but not him, after they moved…


I moved last year and made the address modification at the SAAQ, so did my wife. We both got the stickers to put behind our drivers licence.

My wife then got her renewal registration papers; I taught I would get mine after.

Today, I was pulled over and I am 20 days late on the renewal = 438$

The SAAQ told me that the car was registered to our both names and that the address modification hadn’t been made !!!

So, I should have made an address modification for both of us !?!? and not only for each one of us.

I can understand that it is my responsibility to check out if we our in order, but isn’t there any effort limits ?

I paid my registrations1h02m later (including the 45m wait), but I was asking myself if I had any chances for the contestation ?

Thank you and have a good day.


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Ticket for registration papers

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Pierre got a little problem with the registration papers that was in the car he was driving…here is his story… Give us your opinion!

Hello Sir, A police officer pulled us over when I was driving my spouse’s car. The officer asked my spouse her registration papers, but she only found the last year one’s, since the SAAQ send some by mail each year, she is certain that she paid them; error, we moved one year and half before the infraction and did the address changes with Poste Canada, results she never got the papers from the SAAQ as always and didn’t pay for the registration. So, I got a 400$ fine.

My spouse called SAAQ and was told that SAAQ doesn’t have the obligation to send the renewal by mail, so she must pay for the renewal plus a penalty for being 3 months late. This story occurred in August of 2007, since I took a chance to contest this ticket in order to pay it later, I must present myself in 3 weeks, on September 29 2008 and I’m asking myself if I stand a chance. (more…)