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Ticket for turning a red light on a right lane

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012


I got a ticket for turning a red light on a right lane.

The actual truth is that the light was red and at the same time there was a green light to indicate it’s ok to turn right (not blinking though).

So I turned right and then the green light disappeared while I was on the intersection, remaining the red light that was still there. But there was no yellow light to indicate I should be ready to stop.

The police said that I turned on a red light at 40km/h while I was on a road of 50km/h.


Ticket for amber light crossing

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Dear all,

Herewith I would like to join your blog. My story is below and I intent to contest the ticket. Any opinion or advice would be really helpful, if you could please post it on your blog.

What happened was that I was driving with 50 km/h in a 50 km/h zone on Sherbrooke East (Montreal) and I passed a yellow light. The police gave me a ticket which I will contest preparing to base my defence on C.C 24-2, Art. 360 of the Highway Safety Code of Quebec, where it says that “Unless otherwise directed by a sign or signal, when facing an amber light, the driver of a road vehicle or any person riding a bicycle must stop his vehicle before the pedestrian crosswalk or stop-line or, if none, before the near side of the roadway he is about to cross, unless he has entered it or is so close to it that he could not stop in safety; he may proceed only when a signal shows he may do so.” I believed I would not have been able to stop safely because of the speed and because it changed when I was very close to the stop line. (more…)

Ticket for running the red light on the T-section

Monday, February 28th, 2011


Maybe you can advise me on the following :

On April 2nd 2010 I was handed a ticket for running the red light on the T-section of Sherbrooke West and Girouard. However, I still had a green flashing light when I entered the T-section, turning left into Girouard. At this point I had to slow down for a jaywalker who crossed Girouard. I assume that within that time the light turned red.

The police officer stood about 150 yards down (i.e. south) on Girouard. This street has a slight downhill slope. In my opinion the cop can’t have entirely witnessed the incident, but only saw my truck coming from the T-section after the lights had already changed.

Do I have any real chance in court to have that ticket dropped ? It’s the first time ever that I feel like I’ve been given a ticket for no reason. I got parking tickets here and there and always paid, but that’s about it.

Thanks for your help !

Ticket for passing on a red light

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Sometimes, I have the impression that officers are blackmailing us… Read this story about Linda !


I got a ticket from a Montreal City officer that is accusing me of driving on a red light (Highway 359) at a 60km/h speed in a 50km/h zone (3 demerit points). The officer arrested me two or three blocks further and at the moment the light turned yellow I didn’t see any officer around so I didn’t know exactly where he was standing.

I am 9 months pregnant (I was driving) and I was with my sister when I was arrested, the officer was alone. I think the light was yellow when I cross the line, so I would like to contest the 154$ ticket.

At the moment of the infraction, the officer ask for the assurance papers and I didn’t find it, I am assured it’s just that I couldn’t find the little paper… The officer told me that he was going the ticket saying that he saw the assurance papers, he said that I could got a 800$ ticket for that.


When I told him that I drove on the yellow light, he told me that the lights were synchronised and that I passed on the red light.



******************* (more…)

Light ticket while vision blocked

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Hala got a Light ticket while vision blocked…

Thanks for the good site/service. It is very informative.

I would like to take your advice with my situation.  Today I was dropping off my daughter to her school as usual.  I was on Cremazie & St-Denis intersection.  My vision was completely blocked by a big truck (2 times the size of my car) on my left hand side and a public bus on the right hand side, could not see the traffic light.  Since I was in the middle between both of them (actually I was on the same level of 2nd half of the truck) and both of them were moving, I did move forward as well. The bus was ahead and my vision on the right hand side cleared when I almost crossed 75% of the intersection, it was yellow turning to red.  The problem is that both bus and truck speeded to cross while I kept my speed limit of 50 km/h. This intersection is wide and backing up is impossible while stopping is insain.  Had no choice but continue then I found the police behind me pulling me over.


Red light and snow

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Obviously snow is tricky these days… Peter’s story below is one where a red light was missed because of the snow… No doubt… red light and snow = danger !

I also passed on a red light on February 20 of 2009. There was a lot of wind and it was snowing. I was driving heading West, I was going to pick up my kids when I got at this crossroad (Breboeuf and 132). I was driving at a 50 km/h speed when the light turned yellow. I put the breaks, my truck started to slip because of the snow and the wind. It was too late to stop, so I continued. A bit farther, a police officer gave me a 150$ ticket and 3 demerit points.

Should I contest ?

Thank you !

Dear Peter, there is some details missing in order for me to see if you got a chance… but with was you wrote… you did an infraction… but you still could contest and see what the judge will say about it…

This depends on where the police officer was located, the speed you were driving… in your case it is more complicated then the two before… you don’t seem to have stopped at all… You didn’t just overpass the line by a few inches… and you didn’t seem to pass on the yellow light… it seems like you passed on the red light without trying to stop… Yes it was too late, but maybe you were going to fast… I don’t know… it is up to you to see how the situation really occurred ;-)

Start by demanding the communication of the evidence…

Engaged a car in a crossroad when there was not enough space to avoid blocking it

Friday, September 18th, 2009

On the road, everything is possible… Even when we are used to pass at the same place, when there is snow or when construction work can surprise us… That is what happened to Patrick when he got a ticket for having engaged his car in a crossroad when there was not enough space to avoid blocking it… that is what the police officer taught.

Hello, my hearing date getting closer, I got on your website by chance and really got interested. Here is my story :

February 26, I am getting back from work. I am stopped at a read light in the left lane in order to turn left. I am not very far from the crossroad, the 3rd in line. The road where I want to turn is separated with center divider strip about 20 feet large. Temporarily, due to construction work, a parking was built on the center divider strip and the snow of the parking was located on the limit of the intersection.

The light turned green, the car start, and the truck too. The car can’t engage herself in the street since behind the mountain of snow as high as a truck; cars are stopped since there is abnormally a lot of congestion at this place (probably because of the construction work). (more…)

Ticket for turning right on a red light, when it was prohibited

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

In Montreal, like in many other cities, it is prohibited to turn right on a red light. Sometimes, it is prohibited only at major crossroads or larger places where the visibility is not as good. In all those case, if we get caught, we get a nice ticket… just like Martin:

Hello, I received a ticket for turning right on a red light, when it was prohibited. I fully stopped my vehicle before turning in order to make sure that it was safe to turn and the police officer was able to say so too.

But, there is a road sign that prohibit turning right at this crossroad when the light is red. The thing is, the police officer that made the ticket didn’t write the right date and I can prove that I was at work on that day (the day before). Is it a good reason to contest for a date error even if I did break the law ? How can I defend myself ?

Thanks for your advices

My opinion:


Infringement for a red light

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

A simple little story that took place at an outgoing commuter downtown… Here in Quebec are now allowed to turn right on the red lights unless otherwise stated. In Montreal, it is forbidden at all time.

Bernard had his memory refreshed by a police officer who gave him a ticket for a red light.

Infringement for a red lightHello, thank you for the info found on your site.

Last Saturday I was pulled over by the police as I was driving with my friends. The police officer gave me a ticket and told me I had pass on a red light.

In fact, I made a right turn after having made a complete stop on a red light…. I live in Ste Julie, where right turns on red light are allowed. It was a friend’s night out at the Casino of Montreal! We wanted to play a little poker…
and finally, it is me which am made to me have on the island…

do you think that I can still dispute since we were four in the car?

and my answer to Bernard:

The number person in the car doe not change the infringement… If the police officer saw well, you won,t be able to convince the judge in court.

You can always ask for the communication of the proof and see what the police officer wrote on his report. Then, you’ll see.

Keep us posted!

Ticket to have passed on a red light

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Jean-Sebastien’s story is similar so that it happened to me. But in his case, an event happened… I think this will help him… What do you think?


Ticket to have passed on a red lightI consulted your site and it is very well built. I could obtain information thank you!

I had a ticket which was very similar to yours:

I was with my wife and my newborn of 3 weeks old on a 50 km/h road when the light turned yellow just as I passed the stop line at 40 km/h. In the middle of the intersection, the car in front of me decided to brake so it can park on the side of the road., so I find myself almost stopped and the light turned red..

The police officer in the other opposite street further sees me right in the middle of the street and sees that his light is green. What to do? I’ve been driving 20 years with all my points and now paying 150$ when I am guilty, I have no problem with that, but when I,m not, I think it’s not fair.


My answer to Jean-Sebastien:

Jean-Sebastien… poor you…. . I imagine that you explained all that to the police officer and he did not change his mind…

The reason why the police officer had to give you this ticket is because a driver should never engage into an intersection that is not free. The way never should be blocked. But obviously, in your case, it seems that the situation was impossible to prevent.

It will be up to the judge to decide on your fate… But I believe that if you tell your story the same way you did here, chances are he might just declare you not guilty.