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Radar to catch me going 106 km/h in a 70 zone

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

I got a ticket on the 24th of July for speeding. The highway patrol officer used a radar to catch me going 106 km/h in a 70 zone. It was the highway heading towards the Champlain Bridge from Montreal.

He stopped me and explained to me why I was being stopped. He went back to his car to write up the report along with the ticket, in the meantime I thought about taking out my phone and film his reaction when I ask him about his radar permit. I put my phone in my cup holder that way he couldn’t see that I’m actaully recording.

I asked him if he had a “Permis de radariste”, he paused and said yes. Then I asked him if I could see it and he said that he isn’t obligated to show it to me. Can I contest the fact that he didn’t show me his permit? Some cops don’t have their permit on them and I could use that o my advantage.

He gave me 232$ in fines and 3 points off of my license.

I still have the video and the audio is clear, can I use that as evidence in case he is the one that is at fault?


Radar picture system and company car

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Whose ticket is it and who gets the points ?

A very good question from Diane about the radar picture system and company car…

Her story :

Hello, I work as a dispatcher in a transportation company and I would like to know when a lorry driver get a ticket with a radar picture, is it the company that lose points on her licence ?

Thank you for your help

Diane Perron
Trans4 Logistic

May 19th
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Excessive speeding and radar

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Can we contest a ticket for excessive speeding without a radar ?
Question from Pierjan…

Here it is, I just got a ticket for speeding and I want to know if I can contest with the following facts. I ask the officer to see the proof of my speeding, and he didn’t gave me anything, he only gave me the ticket saying that I have 30 days to pay and I asked him two times.

Furthermore, on the ticket, he made a mistake on my first and second name even if it is well written on my driver’s licence. Last thing, the officer must write his name in clear letters, but it is impossible to read his name.

Can I contest this ticket since he made all those mistakes and he didn’t show me what I was asking for ?

Thank you

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Radar in an access road

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Police officers that park under viaduct can create a bad surprise for drivers that are getting on the high-way… Indeed, a speed camera in an access road, it takes us by surprise !


Hello, here is what occurred to me last year. I was on an access road near highway 30 in Laprairie when the vehicle in front of me suddenly put the breaks and to protect me, I quickly drove left and got on the highway. I drove on the double lines on the access road by doing that gesture and fractions of seconds later, I understood why the vehicle in front of me suddenly put the breaks, a police car from the SQ was patrolling on the lay-by. Of course, the police officer got in his car and came to arrest me. Unfortunately, the officer didn’t let me any time to explain, so I took my ticket and contest it.

I have two reasons of thinking that I am not guilty of the infraction. First, I did it in order to avoid a collision with the car in front of me and the other one that was following me. Furthermore, I believe that the officer was the cause of the infraction by positioning at the end of the access road to do the radar surveillance. By positioning in that way, people tend to break or slow down when they are accelerating on an access road to the highway.

Here it is, if you can give me your opinion (before tomorrow, Thursday the 19th…) on my chances of winning my cause it would be very much appreciated… My hearing is Friday morning.

Thank you



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Radar results of a police man going in the other way

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Marc asks me if the radar results of a police man going in the other way are possible and reliable…


I got this ticket for excessive speeding. The officer was coming towards me (not behind me, but in front of me!) How could he take a radar result of my speed, while driving himself at 90km/h speed in the reverse way ? Is this even legal ?

Thank you


My answer :

Of course they can… The radars register the “global” speed and deduct the patrol car actual speed… It is built in… You don’t stand a chance at all!

How to contest a photo radar ticket

Monday, July 27th, 2009

In order to assure the safety of every citizen, our brilliant politic leaders decided to put in place a photo radar project. Indeed we will soon receive nice speeding tickets directly delivered at our home by the postal service.

The advantage of this system is that when people will be in a hurry, they won’t be stopped by police officers! ;-)

These brilliants leaders claim out loud the different advantages of this new system regarding the safety of the drivers. My concerns are that on the website where I explain how to contest a fine and on the blog, I regularly receive emails about people in a very particular situation.

Therefore, I already know that people with photo radar speed tickets will ask me how to contest this kind of fine receive in the daily mail. Damn, that is a good question! It’s already hard, in most of the situations, to contest a ticket received directly by a police officer (that use regular radar).

In the case of photo radar, we notice from the background of other countries that the picture, the positioning and the accuracy of those kinds of systems drastically reduce chance of winning your case.

If you know some tricks or wheeze to contest these kinds of speeding tickets… email it to me … I will write an article, anonymous of course…

I will also publish in my blog different stories that people told me. Therefore, they will be able to get comments from other readers…